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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I know I talked a lot about practicing for this little production for our Stake Road Show "Musical Review". Each ward in the stake (10 wards) was given a musical and 5 minutes to perform that musical. Some of the musicals performed included Annie, High School Musical, Footloose, Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, West Side Story, etc.. Most groups didn't use props or any sort of set. Most of the groups either lip sinked or sang along with the recording for their songs.

Then our group comes along. We had Hairspray (which I LOVE by the way). I love the girl that was in charge of putting our show together. She takes my approach (Go big or go home). Not only did our costumes look awesome and we were one of the only ones with a set (and even though it was small on a big stage, it looked awesome) BUT we were the ONLY group that not only sang the lead vocals but the chorus as well. We were the only group that all sang and danced at the same time. We learned and practiced for a month and our word paid off. We rocked it. That is the good news.

The bad news is that we were not able to practice where we ended up performing. We rocked our practice run through... however on stage for the real show.. only one of the mic's worked. It was a nightmare for our group. All that practice for nothing... you could hardly hear a thing. It was heartbreaking for us to experience while we were all up on stage and I think it affected our performance because we knew what was happening and we couldn't do anything about it. I think it made me so mad because it was such a huge problem that could have been easily fixed had they just checked all the mic's before the show started. We all wanted to redo it as soon as it was over. So did a lot of other people. There were many people in the audience that yelled redo! We were all upset and felt like we failed. Even though you couldn't hear us, everyone told us that our's was their favorite. The guy in charge said it was the best put together and most polished from start to finish. So... I guess we can feel good about that.

Even though this 5 minute performance took up a lot more of my time than I expected it to, I am still glad I did it. I hardly knew anyone in the group that did the show and after a month I ended with lots new friends. We all had fun together. Plus... I love to perform and I don't feel like I get the chance to do it often. Here is the whole group.

I was going to wait until we redid it and got a good video of our performance... but I am not positive that is going to happen, so I am posting it now. If we do end up redoing it, I will replace the video with the new one. In the meantime... you are stuck with this. Just pretend you can hear us singing. *Special thanks to my roommates, Tara, Brittany, Vicki and my parents for coming to support my 5 minutes of the show. :)


Lori said...

Awesome! Tracy that was so good :) Your practice paid off for sure. Good work!!

jamie hixon said...

Um, that was still AMAZING! I could actually hear most of it. And your dancing was totally amazing and the sets and costumes were way cool... FANTASTIC job!! I know you must have been sad about the mics, but it was still really professional looking and rad. Or should I say "boss." That is more from the time period.

Serisouly, I have been waiting for this, and it did not disappoint. I only wish I was there in person.

Lynette Mills said...

It was so fun to be there to see it... but I did feel bad for all the groups who got messed up by the mics. It was so unfortunate

A Little Cuppa Tea said...

You did so awesome in this!

Ashley said...

Even though you can't hear it...this is still legit!! TOO LEGIT! you guys really went all out and you can tell that you guys must of put in a lot of hard work and practice!! It is still so good even without being able to hear. i hope that you guys are all able to get together again and re film it with better sound so that you guys will have a good video to look back at and be proud of!

Desiree said...

You guys did an awesome job! It looked so great. I WISH the mics would've worked. That stinks. At least you know you did better than everyone else even with no mics. :) The hard work paid off. Great job!