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Monday, November 21, 2011

Poker Night

A month or so ago, I wrote about going to FHE and playing poker with some people in my ward and how much fun it was. We wanted to do it again and we talked about doing it again for a while. Well... tonight we finally made that happen. After FHE, we got together at Jason, Geoff & Steve's house and we played us some poker!

But it just wouldn't be a party by me if we didn't go all out. I made a little sign, I brought a green table cloth, Tara and I bought Root Beer, Cream Soda & other snacks, Brittany made "J Dogs" and I even made a Poker Playlist. This playlist of course included Lady Gaga's Poker Face, Kenny Rogers Gambler, a remix of The Gambler with Kenny Rogers and Wyclef (which I like even better), Luck Be Lady from Guys and Dolls and The Winner Takes It all by Abba. It was pretty awesome. Serious fun was being had during this poker game when people were not too busy being Poker know it alls.

Poker Faces

I am still not very good at Poker. I only won 2 games in the 3 hours or whatever that we played. Tara on the other hand kicked all of our butts and we started calling her the bank. :)

Jason collected all the bottle caps and is keeping them in a glass. He says it is the new tradition of Poker Night... so if poker night really does continue, then we will be seeing a lot more caps in that glass.

It was a fun Poker Night and I am hoping this continues to go on. Hopefully I will get better in the future.


Lori said...

How fun Tracy.... I played a couple times with people back in the day, it's a tricky game.
I think you should start a Bunco group- you would love it!

Ashley said...

Totally love this...wish i could of joined! I love that you decorated and everything! legit.

jamie hixon said...

Fun! I don't know if I'm good at poker. The last time I played I think I was in High School.
That looks super fun.