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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 107

What an insane week. I already wrote all about Vegas. That was crazy and tiring... but most of all fun and I am So glad that I didn't get sick after. That sometimes happens to me after hardly getting any sleep many nights in a row. My roommates both did... I did not. All the healthy eating and exercise must be paying off?

There was not one night this week that that I went to bed before 1:30 or 2. So much stuff going on. Monday night went to FHE (the wrong one... but whatever) and then to buy food, do laundry, unpack, etc... Tuesday we had a Relief Society Activity about hair and beauty. It was good, one of the hair stylists in our ward gave us lots of great tips and showed us how to do knew hair styles (I was the hair model.. so unfortunately I didn't see anything). After that we went to a movie night. Hugo. Love that movie. Wednesday was Institute and chillin with my roommates and adopted roommates. We were laughing so hard... we were up late talking about all the different scenarios that we have been rejected by guys in the ward. In fact.... maybe I will do a post about it. Maybe it would only be funny to us. New guy in the ward, Jay, was over as well... I think he thought we were crazy, but he keeps coming over, so he must think we are somewhat cool. ha ha. Tonight I watched Hot Rod with Jay. I love it when people love that movie as much as I do.

Okay, Tara introduced me to a new game on the phone. It is called "Draw something". Kind of like pictionary between you and a friend. One person draws, the other person guesses and then they draw, you guess. It is fun because you can see the whole processes of their drawing... every time they erase and everything. I was cracking up because Rachel started drawing scene by scene so I could guess one word. Anyway, it is fun and we were all playing each other and cracking up. If you want to join in on the fun and play against me, download "Draw Something" it's free... and then look me up by username Zmomma and play me. :)

I have always loved connections. The crazier the connection with someone, the more I love it. Seriously. Connections in Provo happen all the time. I mean... you live here long enough and your friends know someone else's friends, you met so and so at a party once and now they live in your ward. So and so grew up with your friend you know from such and such, etc... those are fun, but not that surprising. The ones that I love are the people you see again and you say to yourself "What are the chances". Of course being LDS does make it a little bit of a smaller world when it comes to running into someone again but... Well, for example. When Lori and I were in Costa Rica for two months, we tried to go to church every Sunday we could find one. One Sunday was fast and testimony meeting and the elders in that ward came up to Lori and I and said that if we wanted to bare our testimony they would be happy to translate for us. We chatted a little bit after church and that was that. A year or 2 later, it is summer and EFY is going on at UCSB and so all the counselors came to our singles ward. One of my friends points to one of the guys and says he is cute. I look at him and all I can think of is how familiar he looks. I decided to talk to him to see how I knew him, because those kind of things bug me until I figure it out. While talking to him he had no idea who I was.. I started asking him questions and then asked, "Wait, where did you serve your mission?" Costa Rica he says. BING!! I think the only reason I even recognized him is because I remember him kind of looking like my cousin Travis. Anyway... I told him we met in Costa Rica on his mission and it was crazy awesome.............. Okay, so most recent connection that I think tops them all. Jay moves into my ward in January. I never really talk to him until this last Sunday. I was trying to find him on facebook so Tara and I could tag him in our bowling pictures. I asked him if he was on facebook because I couldn't find him. He says, not sure why you couldn't find me... we have 12 mutual friends (or something like that). He saw some of our mutual friends were people from Minnesota. He asks me how I know them. He says he is from there. I say... oh cool. I went there once for a week for my friend's Abby and Ryan's wedding, do you know them? He said he knew them and was really good friends with the Clark's. Then I go on saying, oh yes, I know the Clark's. I am friend's with Kim. In fact, I stayed at their house one night when I went out there for the wedding. Then there is a pause and he stares at me and with excitement says "I have met you before!" I'm like Whaaaa? No way. Where? "At the Clark's house when you stayed there with Kim. I was over and I remember being introduced to you and you saying that you were there for the wedding". All of the sudden my mind flashes back to that exact moment, and I remember... and I can even picture him there. I mean... it was crazy because it was a hi, nice to meet you see ya later conversation almost 7 years ago. We both would have NEVER remembered each other, but because of our conversation, he remembered. It was SO crazy awesome. What are the chances? I just love thinking... you just NEVER know who is going to reappear in your life. Even if it is someone you briefly met in a different state almost 7 years ago. It's a small world.


Lori said...

I don't think I knew you went to Minnesota... you have been everywhere! Cool connection!

jamie hixon said...

That is a crazy and cool connection. I don't have as many stories like that... probably because I'm not as social.
Glad you blogged about "draw something" because I got your invite the other day and I was like "what the heck is this?" I almost thought it was spam somehow. Well, now it sounds fun. And I am dang good at pictionay, so, you know.

Bre said...

i love crazy connections. It makes me think twice about being mean to someone. I have an abnormal fear about having an exboyfriend by a home and live in my neighborhood. hahaha

Lynette Mills said...

way cool Tracy...