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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Batting Cages

Thursday evening, after Vicki and Tara went with me to Women's Conference... we went to Trafalga to get our picture taken for the Pass of All Passes. For those of you who don't know what the Pass of All Passes is, it is a card that you have (for a year) unlimited admission to 7 Peaks Water Park, unlimited admission to all the Trafalga's for Go Carts, mini golf and batting cages. I think it also includes some Bee's Games and some other stuff. While we were there, we saw that there was hardly anyone there, so we decided to take advantage of the Batting Cages. Let's be honest, I need lots of batting practice for when Softball season comes. I'm okay, but I'm not great. So we batted. It was awesome because for a while we were the only ones there.

While I was batting... I noticed something happened to the bat. It felt funny. I looked down at it and it was bent. I came out of the cage and showed Tara and Vicki and we all started laughing and Tara broke it off. When we took it back to the guy at the counter, he asked if we broke it. We said yes and he said that he had never seen anyone here break a bat. I felt pretty strong and awesome even though it was probably just luck that we got a SUPER worn out bat.

We had a good time and hopefully we will be back a lot to practice. Next time I need batting gloves.... and shoes. The end.

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jamie hixon said...

That is hilarious, She-ra. Nice work.