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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Canvas Craft

My sisters and I are all crafty. We love to be creative and make stuff. While we were all together over Christmas break, we decided we wanted to have a craft night. I should have documented it... but because of children... we were not all together a lot of the time, nor did we all finish at the same time. Anyway, we all took a trip to Hobby Lobby together and we bought canvas and supplies. I already had canvas... but I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with it yet. Actually... none of us did. By night, when we were going to do our canvas art, we had each come up with an idea. I wish I had a picture of all my sisters canvas art... because everyone's was different, but cute. I do have a picture of mine though, so I will share that.

Remember when I made this quick craft to hang above my piano? Well, it was cute... and it has been hanging there ever since I made it, but I thought of something else I could hang there instead. I had 4 small canvases, and I wanted them to all go together to make a bigger piece of art. I still wanted it to involve sheet music... because it was still going to hang above my piano.

I painted each canvas a neutral color. I then found some old sheet music online that I printed out and cut. Then I used some mod podge to glue the paper to the canvas. After that dried, I printed out a picture of a tree that I liked and tried to copy it as best as I could as I painted it across the 4 canvases. I added a couple of birds... went over the whole thing with mod podge again and then glued on some flowers that my sister had bought.

I was unsure about it at first. I mean... I loved my idea, but I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out. I really loved how it turned out though. I think it goes a little better than the last craft did. I love my little music area of the living room, and I love having art that goes with the area.

Close up... so you can see the flowers and details.

Finished project. It feels good to be crafty.


jamie hixon said...

I really think your turned out super cute, and it is great to see it hanging there. I still have to hang mine up! Dang!

PS I love the way you put that. "but because of children..."- ha! That could be the excuse for most of my life.

Jackie Roome said...

Hi Tracy:

I absolutely love your canvas for above the piano!!!!! Did you paint the sheet music as well? How did you decide what color to paint the canvas? I really want to try this and hope it turns out half as nice as yours....


Tracy Mills said...

Hi Jackie,

Thank you! I'm glad you like it! I found old sheet music online that I liked and printed it. I painted the sides of the canvas a color that I thought matched the sheet music. Then I just used mod podge to glue it on the canvas and give it a glossy look. Once that dried, I free hand painted the tree over that. Hope that helps! Good luck!