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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 150

This week has been pretty much the opposite of last week. Totally relaxing. I have gotten to sleep in, hang out with the family and get some things done. I haven't even had to worry about food because pretty much every meal has been at my parents house. It has been so nice. I have loved spending time with my family and I have loved having a break from work.

It has been so fun to watch all of my nieces and nephews. It is so cute to see how they act and the things that they say. Reanne and Asher were on a kick for like two days with the game 'What if Tracy married …" they came up with all kinds of interesting answers and were getting a big kick out of it. I guess that is what happens to the only single one in the family. Although I don't love that I am the only single one… I love being an Aunt to all my cute nieces and nephews. They are seriously the best. I am already missing everyone and not everyone has even left yet.

My sisters and I got to have a craft night while they were all here. We talked about doing many things… not all of them happened, but craft night did, which I am happy about. My sisters and so talented and crafty and I am always inspired by them. We decided to do canvas art. We all went a totally different direction with what we did with our canvas, but they were all super cute. I will be blogging about what I did with mine soon.

I had a thought today. I want to write a book for my future children to read when they get older. I think I will call it "Finding THE Jacket - A search for Love" or something like that… and it will be all about my dating experiences and funny guy stories and my heartbreak of thinking I found the one and then not working out and continue up until I get married and finally find love. I'm thinking it should be a pretty entertaining read for my kids when they get to dating age.

Since the year is coming to a close, I am starting to get strong desires to do things… like diet and exercise (big time) and clean and organize. I also have desires to make changes with myself… and my blog, decorating, etc… I just want to change things up. Why do these desires come at the start of a new year? Maybe it is all in hope of a new better year. Which… I am hoping for.

On Sunday, Reanne was bored and so Lori suggested to her that she throw me a surprise birthday party. That was all that she needed and then Reanne went to work. Reanne asked Lori what I liked and Lori told her I liked karaoke. After dinner, Reanne was ready. First she gave me a cute card that she had made. Second she started the surprise party which started off with jokes, which were really just compliments to me. The jokes were: Q: How do elephants fly? A: Because super Tracy the Fashion esta throws them in the air! Q: How do Ladies look? A: Well, they should look like Tracy… Q: Why did the Rooster cross the road? A: Because Tracy was on the other side and she is so attractive. Ha ha. How great is that? Then she had a microphone ready and she had me come up and sing a solo. When I was done singing, she gave a thumbs up as a que to everyone else in the room to clap and ask for my autograph. She had given everyone in the room a little piece of paper that said "Tracy's Autograph" on it for them to give me to sign my name on. It was so cute. You want to feel like a million bucks? Have Reanne plan a surprise party for you. ha ha. I felt pretty awesome. 

It is pretty awesome... my friend Theresa gave me this Santa Mickey for my birthday when we were in 1st or 2nd grade. I'm not sure how it stuck around for so long.... but it is still around. It stays in my parents Christmas play basket for the kids... and now I have nieces that are the same age I was when I first got it. I need to tell Theresa that her present is still around and is still being enjoyed. Can't say that about many things you have received throughout your life. 

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jamie hixon said...

That was a really fun surprise party, and I thought all the jokes were hilarious and sweet. Last week was pretty relaxing, and now I have to get back to reality. What a bummer.