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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 149

Another busy week! I can't believe Christmas is so close! I'm not ready. Although... if the world ends tomorrow... I guess I won't have to worry about it. ha ha. I have been skipping the gym and trying to do Christmas shopping on my lunch breaks since I have been busy after work. I have gotten a lot done this week, but I still have a few more shopping trips to go before I'm done. But I'm also starting to feel really gross with all the treats and no exercise. Yuck!

Getting closer to my family being here though! So excited for that. Tomorrow everyone should be here by the end of the day.

Work has been busy because it is getting close to quarter end. I was covering everything today. Not really looking forward to doing it again tomorrow. Although there is going to be a company Christmas lunch. Company lunches are always nice. Speaking of lunch... my team contracts/legal went out to lunch on Wednesday for two of my co-workers 20th anniversary. We went to Thai Kitchen. Something I really appreciate about my co-workers, is that they all like ethnic food. 90% of the time that we go out to lunch, it is ethnic. Love it, because when I go out with my friends, ethnic rarely makes it to the top of the list. Especially if I'm eating out with Dave... 90% of the time we go to Wing Nutz. No joke. One time someone asked me if I had been there before... I responded, BOY have I! Anyway... back to lunch at Thai Kitchen. I was excited to eat Thai food. I love Thai food. As soon as we walked in, we got worried. It had a weird smell in there. There was nasty carpet and this old fish tank in the back of the room that doesn't look like it had been cleaned in years. We all took a seat. We all ordered. Lauren and I got our food first... probably because we ordered something popular and ordered the same thing. We would have waited until everyone else got their food.... but it looked like that might not happen for a while and our food was already luke warm when it came out... we didn't want it to get cold. Our meal was okay.... but so far everyone was NOT impressed with this place. Little by little others started to get their food. I was long done with my meal before Tyler right across from my ever got his meal. They never filled up my water... and I drink a lot of water when I go out to eat. Everyone's food including our soup was just barely luke warm. One of the people that we were out to lunch celebrating for didn't get her food for an hour and 15 minutes. She was just getting her food as Ron, Paul and I left. It was pretty bad. I will never be going back to that place again. Not sure how they are even still in business. Too bad the Banana Leaf isn't open for lunch anymore... that is where we were going to go. Oh well. We all laughed a lot about it and were still talking about it today at work... that is how bad it was. It is now the co-worker joke.

After Candlelight, my mom and I stayed with my mom's sister, Valerie. My cousin Renee and her two kids are living there now too. I was so excited to see Renee. I had not seen her in 6 years! There is a reunion being planned for my mom's side of the family this summer... so hopefully I will get to spend some more quality time with her. Love my extended family.

I slowed down on watching 24 because of going out of town. I'm on Season 4 now. Still liking it. Already know which shows I'm going to watch when this one is over. Downton Abbey Season 3 first probably... because I haven't seen any of it yet. I hear it is super good.

I have never been a big country girl. I didn't grow up in the country. I didn't grow up listening to country music and quite honestly don't LOVE country music although I like some. I love Blue Grass... but I feel like that is a different crowd. Anyway, even though I have never been big into country, there is this party of me that kind of loves it. There are a few country artists that I can really get into (but I would NEVER listen to the country station) and I love country dancing and I kind of love dressing up country too. I think cowboy boots are adorable and I wear them sometimes but then feel kind of silly because I'm not a country girl at all.  Weird? I hope not.

Other than that, this week I have celebrated my birthday, Went to an End of the World Party and we had a roommate dinner that I will blog about. It was nice. Fun and busy week. I will be excited to relax this next week.

It has snowed a lot. It made it real pretty this week and what I did on the night of my birthday that much more beautiful and magical with the lights... blog post to come. I don't know what it is with me and lights... but I just love them. Anyone who comes to my house knows that I love the dim fun lights. Mood lights if you will. I have them in my room, in the kitchen, on the patio... love candles and one of the things I LOVE about Christmas. Just do.

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jamie hixon said...

Next time go to the Chinese place by noodles in Orem, they had super yummy food and good service! But seriously, I think it is awesome to have terrible experiences once in a while... they make for good inside jokes for sure.

I'm sure it has been longer than 6 years since I have seen Renee. Yikes!

I say, wear country boots if you like 'em. You look cute in them, and life is too short to worry about looking like a poser. ;)