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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Happy Christmas

Christmas... when did that happen? It came so quickly. I have been having a blast with my family in town. So fun to hang with my sisters and play with all of the kids. I even spent the night at my parents house last night so I could be there when the kids woke up to open presents. I also made breakfast for everyone. My yummy breakfast casseroles. One savory and one sweet.

We let all the kids open their presents and then the adults opened their presents after. Sierra made me this cute wreath at school. I thought it was so sweet that she thought of me while she was at school and made me something. Love her.

We drew names again this year. This year I had the Hixon family. Our theme last year was emergency preparedness. That was easy. This year it was a gift that started with their initials. It took me a while to think of something for Jamie & Dan Hixon.... but I finally came up with (with a little help from my mom) a Jammie Date at Home. I bought them jammie's and a movie (The Dark Knight Rises) and some snacks for their movie. Lori had me. She went for my full name, Tracy Jean Mills. She said it was easy!  What did she give me? A Travel Jean Messenger Bag! Cute right? She even sewed the bag herself. I have the most talented crafty sisters. Seriously. Inside the bag she had a Trendy Jamberry Manicure set cause she knows I love to do my nails.... AND she had a bunch of food that started with M from Trader Joes! Such as Trader Joes Mangos! She went to town. What a cute and cleaver gift. Thanks Lori!

We kept the Mills Family tradition and we went Christmas Caroling to neighbors. It was freezing and very slippery with the ice but everyone had a good time overall. We then came home and did a little family time with telling stories of the true meaning of Christmas. Then I had a made hot chocolate again and brought over my left overs from the hot chocolate bar at my house. Nice warm up after being in the freezing cold.

We definitely had a white Christmas this year. Some kids wanted to play in it.... others did not. I have not played in it as much as I would like to. I can't believe I only have a few more days with my family in town and a few more days of no work. It goes by so quick! Never get to do everything you want to do or plan on doing.

Lori and I made cute Christmas treats for Christmas evening. We made Santa Hats (brownies, cream cheese frosting and raspberries), snow men (donuts with candy corns) and ornaments (Oreo truffles with Reese's cups on top). With so many people in the house... the treats go fast, which is a good thing.

Besides that... we have shopped and watched movies... and cook for all the people in the house! Just hanging out at my parents house having a grand time with my family. Thank goodness my parents moved into a house where there is room for everyone!

Merry Christmas. Hope you are spending time with people you love.


jamie hixon said...

Thanks to all those treats, I gained about 4 pounds while I was there. I thought I would gain about that much, and I was right. I can't stop eating when there are things like THIS around! We love our gift, we are having our jammie date tonight!

Lori said...

Sure had a blast with you and the rest of the family! Thanks for thinking up so many great things to do :) The treats were awesome.