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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 148

Where to begin. Last weekend was so emotionally bipolar for me that I felt like I should check myself into a mental hospital at the end of it. I was seriously having major highs and lows depending on what other people were telling me. Not good. I need to just be confident in myself and not care what anyone else says. I'm a work in progress. Always learning something new about myself and trying to improve.

Part of the highs of that weekend... I was asked out to dinner by a guy that I used to date. Obviously we remained friends, but almost the whole dinner he just told me how awesome I am and how I deserve someone so great. I was like.... dang straight I do! ha ha. Always nice to get those confidence boosters.

Another high part of the weekend (notice how I'm focusing on the highs instead of the lows) was my friend Josh. He was really there for me this last weekend and I didn't ask him to be. Friday night he came over to my house in a tux. That a lone made my night. We had a great heart to heart. PS he is the one that is going to write the bio about me. I can't wait. The next night he asked me if I wanted to watch a movie with him "Act like a lady. Think like a man". which is a real book and they based the movie off of it. Anywho... I learned about the odd male brain and how it works. ha ha. It was funny too. Helped get my mind off of things.

Still watching 24. I'm just about to start the 4th season and I have only been watching it for like a week and a half. Yep, that's how I roll.

I sang with my friend Lorelie at my Stake Christmas fireside. My friends Liz and Tina did a piano/ organ duet while we sang duet. It was an arrangement of "The First Noel" put to "Cannon in D". Really beautiful. We got so many compliments on it and people telling us it was their favorite number in the whole program that Lorelie and I are probably going to record it and post it as our Christmas Card. If we have time... so if we do it, it will be posted on my blog and most likely facebook. I was glad it turned out well.

The rest of this week was so crazy busy that it just flew by. I guess that is what happens when you are really busy. Monday my butt was kicked in Pilates... to some fun music of course. I just love Jeanie. She is seriously the BEST pilates instructor. I am always sore the next day and always feel like I got an amazing work out. She has a gift. Sadly... she has really struggled with her health and had to stop teaching for a while. Then she started to do better and came back once a week. NOW in order to get the health insurance that she needs she had to stop teaching us. I want to cry. I don't like the other instructor. She was not only an amazing instructor, but she is also my friend... which makes me heart break that much more. Ugh! I NEED her for my health and wellness. COME BACK!!!!

Wednesday we had some roommate bonding, which I will blog about soon. Then the rest of the night was over at my parents house getting a project done and then I was up late packing (which I always leave for the last minute) and I am SOOOOO tired. Seriously. Oh we also had a pot luck at work on Wednesday... so I ate a lot of crap. I hate not getting enough sleep.

Today I worked a little bit. Did I mention that I have been super busy at work too? Yeah... anyway, the rest of the day and night was spent in the car with my mom driving to Santa Barbara. We listened to an interesting book on tape. We chatted. Only stopped once... which was awesome. Now I'm here. I love it here. I get to relax and finally start my Christmas shopping. I'm looking forward to hanging out with my sister and her family, shopping, relaxing, seeing old friends, falling asleep by the fire, singing and being at Disneyland during the Christmas season AND getting to hang with my cute nephews... including snuggling with this little guy.

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jamie hixon said...

Sorry about the bipolar week, I have those all the time. I'm glad you had some highs though, that is nice.

I can't wait to hear your song!

It is so awesome that you get to sing at Disneyland again. It has only been a few years since I did it, but it feels like forever! Gwen has still not been to Disneyland... sigh.