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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Thirty, Flirty & Thriving!

Starting in September... I started to panic in anticipation of turning the big 3-0. As you all know, I never thought that I would be 30 and single nor did I want to be. Yet.... here I am. It happened and I survived. I know that it is just an age so it is silly to worry about... but certain ages hit you and make you reflect where you are in life and where you are going. 25 also did that to me. Throughout the last few months I have had occasional emotional break downs... but for the most part I have been okay. So no need for anyone to worry about me. Ha ha.

I had a good chat with my friend Jennica at the end of November. She is a wise woman. She turned 30 in May. She told me that not only was there nothing to be afraid of to turn 30... but that it was actually GREAT! Why you ask? She put it perfectly. She said that your 20's are all about figuring out who you are and what you want to be. In your 30's, you have it figured out so you just get to live it! I loved that. That really helped me look at things differently. Yes! I'm awesome! I'm Thirty, Flirty and THRIVING!!!

Today has been awesome. Mostly thanks to my roommates. They are the best ever and went out of their way to make today special for me. I have felt very special and loved all day today. I will have another post about the events of my birthday. This post is all about my thoughts and feelings of being 30. Of course I hope that my Mr. Right comes along SOON!!!! However... in the meantime, my life is great, because I am great. I am thankful for who I am, I am thankful for all the people in my life (I have the greatest friends and family one could ask for) and I am thankful for all of the experiences (good and bad) that I have had over the last 30 years. My life really has been an adventure. I wouldn't want it any other way.

I wanted to list 30 of my top coolest things that I have done in my 30 years of life. Most of which I am sure will be in my adult years.  Okay, here we go!

1- Graduated from all the many schools I have attended
2- Been a seasonal cast member at Disneyland (for Candlelight) for 15 years
3- Slept in a cell on Alcatraz
4- Backpacked Costa Rica for 2 months with my sister Lori
5- Went on a cruise
6- Sang solo in front of 2,000 people (high school graduation)
7- Went Parasailing in Mexico
8- Saw the Mayan ruins in Guatemala
9- Taught myself to play the piano & Guitar
10- Seeing musicals on Broadway in NYC
11- Shook hands with Dick Van Dyke
12- Learned the art of Photography
13- Got Scuba Certified / got to dive in Hawaii (Maui)
14- Rode an elephant in India
15- Went on an African Safari in South Africa
16-  Went to the Taj Mahal
17- Rode in a Submarine in Hawaii (Oahu)
18- Swam with Sea Turtles in Hawaii (Maui)
19- Went Rappelling down a waterfall
20- Have a popular blog that people read and follow and sometimes feature on other blogs
21- Ran in a Dirty Dash
22- Participated in Holi (Festival of Colors) for 6 years
23- Spent a day at the Fire Station and got to go on a call in the Ambulance
24- Sang at a Giants baseball game with my high school choir
25- Private plane ride with Grandpa (although I can barely remember)
26- Did a shark cage dive in South Africa with Great White Sharks
27- Participated in a Flashmob
28- Saw thousands of dolphins and kayaked in sea caves at the Channel Islands surrounded by seals
29- Dressed up as Mario Kart characters with a group of friends and went to race Go-Karts
30- Launched 30 floating lanterns on my 30th birthday in the fresh snow. Can you say magical?

There you go! My life has been awesome even though it didn't go exactly how I planned. I don't regret a moment of my 30 years. I am beautiful. I am fun. I am talented. I am full of life, fun and ADVENTURE!!! I'm very excited to see what my next 30 years bring me. :)

For now.... I'm Thirty, Flirty and Thriving!

*Picture taken today at work. I dressed up cute today with a new necklace Lolly sent me in the mail.


Lynette Mills said...

Hooray, you are 30 and awesome

Kristy said...

What a great attitude. You are wonderful. Happy Birthday.

Gary said...

Great post Tracy. I agree with your mom though I would have never gussed you were the big three oh!

jamie hixon said...

BOOM! You are beautiful and thriving. I love your list, you have lived an awesome life so far...

SeRUNity NOW said...

WOW! Gurl! What an incredible adventure you have already lived! I don't see how your life has anywhere to go but up! Here's to 30 and here's to many more wonderful adventures! Love ya!