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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 147

Since that big snow day last month, we haven't seen any snow. It has been relatively warm for winter so far. It is supposed to snow this Saturday. I'm kind of hoping the snow sticks around for the Holidays and then goes away after that and we continue to have warm weather. If I had my way...

It is only the first week of December and I have already watched many Christmas movies. I have watched "The Family Stone", "The Holiday", "Miracle on 34th Street" (1994 version), "Elf", "Home Alone" and "White Christmas". I have a lot more to go, but it is only December 6th... so I feel like I will be able to fit in all the movies that I want to. Like "The Grinch", "The Polar Express", "Muppets Christmas Carol" and more. Love Christmas movies.

I finished the book "The Big Thirst". It is a really interesting book about people's relationship with water. I never really thought much about water before... but now water will never be the same to me. I learned a lot. I'm in the middle of reading "Men are from Mars Women are from Venus" and it is changing my life. I feel like all men and women should be required to read this book. Seriously... men and women don't understand how the other thinks. This book even has translation from men to women and vise versa. I'm learning A LOT. I just started another book too (I know, I haven't even finished my last book) called "Boundaries". I just started it, but I think this book is really going to help me learn how to stick up for myself and express my needs and wants better. Really have been trying to work on this lately.

Along with the books, I also started another tv series. Last week I started watching 24. I know... I'm finally watching it. I'm into it. I am a little over half way into the second season and I have already cried during one of the episodes. Usually that doesn't happen until the end of the seasons. I'm so emotional.

This all may sounds like I'm lazy... but I am still working out in the gym and on Monday... I'm starting "Insanity". I'm a little nervous, but I think it is going to be really good for me. I will update you on how that goes.

I think it is time that I get a new phone. I have taken really good care of my phone over the last 2 years, but now it just shuts off whenever it feels like it. 85% of the time I am playing "Draw Something", my phone will just turn off in the middle of me drawing. It is SUPER annoying. So I was thinking I wanted an iphone as my new phone, but I have T-Mobil. However... I heard they are going to be getting the iphone sometime next year... however, I don't know when in 2013... so should I just wait or buy and iphone and get it unlocked?

On Sunday I was talking to my Nieces. They were telling me how they think I have 50 boyfriends. I have brought a few guys over to my parents house for dinner... So I guess that is where they got that idea.When they were talking about some past boyfriends, they were telling me all the things they didn't like about them and how lucky I was that I didn't end up with them. They are so sweet. For the record, it did make me feel better.

I really thought for years that construction was NEVER going to end. Now it has and our freeways look AMAZING. So much better to drive on. More lanes. It's awesome. They also finally put in tracks from Provo to SLC. I think that will also free up space on the freeway. Oh and the side walks and lamp post by my house are classy. So it was all worth it.... right?

Dave and I tried kar-wing-okey last night at Dave's favorite place to eat that we go to 85% of the time that we go out to dinner. Wing Nutz. Dave and I had a lot of fun, but we think that their karaoke group needs our group. We would mix it up and add some spice.

I have been feeling pretty lonely lately. I feel like in order for me to be invited to things and people to care about me and how I'm doing... something bad has to happen for me. Like breaking up witha boyfriend or something. Until then I feel left out and miserable. In Grey's Anatomy, Meredeth and Yang are Best friends. They refer to each other as "my person" everyone needs to have a person. I feel like I used to have a person, but now I don't and I hate it because I  feel not as cared about as I used to. I like having a number 1 and I like to be someone's number 1.

Tonight I had an unexpected visitor (which helped with my feelings of the paragraph above). I heard a knock on the door... I opened the door and it was my friend Mieka! She just got back from her mission. She didn't have my number anymore because she got a new phone, but decided she would just stop by and see if I still lived there and would hope that I would be home. AND I WAS!!! So fun to see her. What a cute girl. We had fun catching up and I was so happy she thought of me to come visit. I guess my tea party and Fort night made an impression. :)

My roommate Sarah's mom got us each a chocolate calendar. I'm pretty excited... I'm pretty sure I haven't had one of those since I was a kid.


Kristy said...

You are quite the book worm now Tracy. The water one sounds interesting. My kids found the movie "The Christmas Bunny" on netflix and watched it. It is a Hallmark I'm pretty sure. I didn't think they would be in to it but I guess since it was about a bunny...

I'm glad they made you feel good on Sunday. You just never know what they are going to say ever...glad it was good.

Lynette Mills said...

Are you posting on goodreads? Whenever you feel lonely, just come visit me...

jamie hixon said...

A sweet family in our ward gave Asher and Gwen advent calendars. The chocolate is gross though. (But they still love it!)
We have watched Elf and the Grinch. I guess those are the most family friendly ones that our kids would be interested in. It does sound like you have been watching a lot, but you get to watch stuff at work, so it totally makes sense. 24 is insane! We liked some seasons better than others. I think my favorite was the first one because the story was the most believable.

The books sound good. Dan read the Mars and Venus book when we were dating. He told me about it, but I should probably read it.

You should get an iphone and unlock it. It is easy, and then you would have it right away.