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Monday, December 31, 2012


Today I worked.... but not really, because there was nothing to do. So I talked with my co-workers while eating apple pie, then checked my email and went on Pintrest for a while and then my co-workers went out to lunch (on Novell).  Then we came back to work like 2 hours later and then shortly after that they let me go home early... which was great because I then got stuff done that I needed to... like buy food. I didn't have any food because I was going to my parents house everyday.

I then got home and got ready... tried to dress up a little more since it was New Years Eve and all. What if I got a kiss at midnight? I need to look good in case such things occur. (Spoiler alert... that didn't happen). I hung Sarah and I went with Megan to her cousin's house and hung out. We were all going to go to our stake party together. It was going to be a dance. We were all in the mood for dancing. I told them all what I predicted would be played... which I was correct on all of them by the way. I knew that Gangnam Style would be played... so we all learned the dance from YouTube and practiced in the living room to prepare. When it came on at the dance we were prepared and danced our little hearts out.

The dance was a typical stake dance. There is a reason why I had not been to one in years. I'm too old for them. They never change. They had a terrible DJ, it was a young crowd (because most of the older folks know better) and it was never a big crowd. However, a party is what you make of it. My friends and I are awesome. We love to dance. We wanted to get our groove on, and so we did... and gosh darn it we had fun doing it. So.... that is how I spent my New Year's Eve. Mostly with these lovely people.
*picture taken with Sarah's phone.... so not the best quality, but I'm glad it was documented.

Not the most exciting NYE in the world.... but not the worst either. No matter what I do, I'm happy as long as I am in good company. I was for sure tonight. Happy New Year.

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jamie hixon said...

Good! I'm glad you danced. I danced a lot too, but it was usually just me, Rachel, and Amy on the dance floor. Sometimes just me.