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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 100

In the last couple of months, I have been really hard on myself. Not happy with the way I look mostly... but that affects so many other things. Well... the new year is all about setting new goals right? I did set some goals for myself. One of my MAJOR goals is just wanting to look hot. I know that is vain... but I would like to feel hot for a change.

I also want to look at myself differently. Treat myself differently. I feel like I am always punishing myself and hating myself when I look in the mirror each morning. So here is what I want...

I want to exercise and eat super healthy to get my body looking it's best and feeling it's best too.
I want to relax and take more bubble baths.
I want to redecorate my room and make it my dream room that makes me happy every time I go there to go to sleep. Heck, maybe it will make me want to be in there more and I will read more.
I want cute clothes that I FEEL cute in (which goes back to the health and exercise).
I am continuing with my eyelash extensions because that is one thing about me this year I have loved.
I am going to continue to get pedicures every 2 or 3 months, because I love it.
I want to try to style my hair more, so I feel stylish and cute.
I want to get new perfumes and not just wear them for special occasions.
I want to surround myself with music. Lots and lots of good music. Different music. Music that I create too. I want to get better at playing guitar and I need to sing more. Music fills my heart with happiness.
I want to stop getting attention from guys that only want a piece of action. I want a man who truly cares about ME. Wants to be with me because he likes me.. not because he thinks he can take advantage of me or because he is bored or whatever stupid reason.
I want to take pictures in a different more creative way. Maybe I want to look at life that way too.
I want to travel and experience somewhere new. Every time I do, I find out something new about myself.
I want to paint my nails a different color every week.
I want to be nicer.
I want to give more compliments to people.
I want to be totally and completely content and happy with myself.

Why? Because I'm worth it!


Lori said...

This all sounds great Tracy... to me you already look stylish and beautiful all the time, but I know it is ALL about how YOU feel. :) Go for it! I believe in you.

Ashley said...

i love this! :) good goals!

Kayleigh said...

Oh Tracy... I know how you feel. It's a vicious cycle, for me. I hate the way I look, so I eat food for comfort, which only makes me hate the way I look even more. Losing weight for me is a huge deal, I have to be really strict with myself until I can't stand it. I'm not sure if you are like that at all. But no matter what, I think you are beautiful. I actually admire your style and think you look super cute in all your pictures. But beyond the physical I genuinely think you are a great person and you are so talented. We are our own worst critic and are hard on ourselves, we just need to remember to lay off (ourselves)!

Lynette Mills said...

Good luck with all your goals... I will support you in anyway I can. Love you!

jamie hixon said...

You go girl! I have a lot of those same thoughts and goals. You are beautiful, and here's to feeling that way all the time. Go 2012!!

Desiree' said...

Happy 100th confessions! I can't believe you've been blogging them for so long. You're so good at being so regular at posting your confessions and photos of the week. You amaze me. :) Good luck with the goals!