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Monday, February 25, 2013

Back to Online Dating...

I'm in a guy funk, so after my roommate got online to see what dating options it would bring her, I decided to do the same. Afterall, I know many success stories... two recent ones even. There are SO many people online... there has got to be someone out there for me right?

Well... I have been contacted by a lot of OLD MEN. Seriously, guys twice my age. What are they thinking? The guys that contact me that are my age.... ish... well... I tend to get guys like this...

Mr. Online Dater: "Hey"
Me: "Hey, how are you?"
Mr. Online Dater: "Good. How are you hottie?"
Me: "I'm good, thanks."
Mr. Online Dater: "I wanna go lay in the hot tub ha ha"
Me: "Yeah, that sounds nice a guess."
Mr. Online Dater: "I'll come pick you up then ha ha.. wait, do you have a bikini?"
Me: "No"
Mr. Online Dater: "Dang, why not?"
Me: "Because I don't want one... maybe you could tell me about yourself"
Mr. Online Dater: "Well i'm taking you to get one"
Me: "Why do you care if I have one or not?"
Mr. Online Dater: "Cause you are hot and you'd look way good in one."
Me: "Mm... thanks. So had much success with online dating?"
Mr. Online Dater: "I have been off and on for a year and met a hand full of keepers"
Me: "Oh well, I'm already thinking of getting off, but maybe you think I should stay?"
Mr. Online Dater: " Oh ya? I might be a little too naughty ha ha"
Me: "Why do you say that?"
Mr. Online Dater: "lol idk... I seem to love bikini's"
Me: "So I have noticed."
Mr. Online Dater: "So you want a bikini? :)"
Me: "Nope"
Mr. Online Dater: "Come on.. I bet you would look way good in one." (obviously this guy is blind)
Me: "No"
Mr. Online Dater: "I'll buy, let's go shopping."
Me: "Let's talk about something else. So far you have not bothered to get to know me at all, all you have cared about is seeing me in a bikini."
Mr. Online Dater: "Seriously... no? You won't? Why not?"
Me: "Why is that the only thing you care about?"
Mr. Online Dater: " I've been in an overly sexual mood this weekend. I'm sorry... it's not who I really am... I would respect you and treat you like a princess. I don't want sex... I'm just a little playful... I wouldn't take your bikini off if you wore one."
Me: "And we are back to the bikini. It's getting old."

*He went on to say a lot of other very inappropriate things in which I didn't respond to and then...*

Mr. Online Dater: "I'm depressed"
Me: "Why?"
Mr. Online Dater: "Because I want a fun girl."
Me: " Sorry"
Mr. Online Dater: "You are fun, I just wish you would wear a bikini"
Me: " Maybe you should get off LDS Singles and get on a website for people who are not LDS. I'm sure you would find a "fun girl" on there. I think most LDS girls are going to have standards."
Mr. Online Dater: "Why does everyone think that... cause you are wrong! lol"

Yeah... I stopped responding. It became pretty annoying. Yeah, I know I shouldn't have even talked to him as long as I did. What a loser... that is what I attract online. You would think I was putting up slutty pictures of myself online or something to attract these gems. How do people find success online? I'm still trying to figure it out.


Lynette Mills said...

That is way depressing

jamie hixon said...

That is the way some people behave online. I think it is the fact that they are talking through a computer and not face to face with an actual person. Could you imagine anyone saying that to your face? Yikes. Well, maybe you will find someone...