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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 159

I'm feeling a lot better now... but the cough lingers, which is annoying. At least I have energy and am back to normal life.

I have been able to participate in some of my roommates 25 things she is doing for the firs time before she turns 25. Last weekend we went and got sushi (which we all know I love) it was her first time and I got to experience that with her and she had lots of support in that.

I also got to be a part of her first time singing at karaoke. We went to Wing Nutz last night and it was a packed house. We sang "The Sign" by Ace of Base... a 90's classic. Because of my lingering cough, I still don't have my full singing voice back (which I hate), but  I always love getting up and singing. So that was fun. Tomorrow I will be throwing Sarah her first themed birthday party (which is also on the list). So excited. Love me a good party.

Loving Hip Hop class. Such a good idea for my roommates and I to take it together. We are learning a fun dance. I just love hip hop music and I just love to dance, so really it is a win win situation. I should get in the habit of taking classes.

I love it when my friends feel comfortable at my house. On Sunday, my friend Josh came over. He didn't see anyone (I think we were all in our rooms) so he just came in and got comfy on the couch and turned on the tv and fell asleep. We discovered him later. I think it is awesome. I love making my house a place where people feel comfortable and want to hang out.

Last friday I had a dream about this guy that I know and think is cute. In my dream we had a baby together. The baby was really cute (side note) so when I woke up the next day... obviously I was thinking about him. Although he is roommates with a guy that I used to spend a lot of time with who is now avoiding me... that shouldn't mean that we can't hang out right? So I decided to text him and tell him I'm still waiting to watch this movie we both have talked about watching together for a long time. He text me back and tells me maybe that night. He text me later that night and says lets watch the movie. I figured he would come to my house... but then tells me to go to his house. I bring up that that might be awkward since his roommate had been avoiding me the last two months. Of course he asks him if he cares if I come over and of course he says no and now I feel obligated to go over there so I don't make a big deal of things... however this was NOT my plan. Then I thought, well, he is avoiding me, so maybe he won't stick around and just me and the guy I want to spend time with will just watch the movie a lone. I show up at their house and it is a little bit awkward. Boy I want to spend time with comes and gives me a hug while boy that has been avoiding me the last two months sits on the couch and says nothing with their other roommate. I sit and watch the end of a movie with all of them. I just hoped that after the movie was over they would both leave and me and the boy I want to spend time with will just watch the movie together. This did NOT happen. Other roommate goes to bed but boy that has been avoiding me stays the whole time I am there. I say that I am cold, he jumps up to give me his blanket (which later boy that I want to spend time with says is a big deal and boy that has been avoiding me tells me it is a peace offering... which I guess is sweet, but I would rather have a conversation as a peace offering than a blanket). Then I start coughing and boy that has been avoiding me jumps up to get me a glass of water. He validates everything I say, doesn't want boy that I want to spend time with to embarrass him in front of me. He wants to hear all of my stories and has been keeping up with my stuff on facebook. It is hard to be mad at him... but i really kind of am. He never made things write. Now I'm not quite sure what to think of that evening... not what I was going for or expecting. Boys confuse me.

I think that pretty much sums up this exciting week. Except for today... after work I went to this Green House plant shop in Draper with my friend Melodie. We are going to do a little project together that I am excited about. Step one, buying the supplies. So excited.

Tonight my roommates, Josh and I went to BYU's LAST basketball game. It may just have been the most exciting and intense BYU game that I have been to. It was a packed house. The crowd was wild and excited. The game was so close and towards the end we even tied it, but Washington ended up winning in the end by a few points. It was sad, but still a good game. We were all screaming with excitement. I'm pretty sure every seat in that place was taken. It was a VERY exciting game. So glad that we decided to go.

Now I am ready for the weekend. BRING IT ON!!!


Lori said...

Sorry your move to be interested in cute roommate boy didn't go so well... don't give up though :) Ya never know.

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