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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

San Fran

Mid January I was getting the Winter Blues and I hadn't seen my friend Kirsten in a long time nor had I met her baby yet, so I booked a flight to San Francisco two weeks later. That was not last weekend but the weekend before. I was just looking forward to seeing my friend and enjoying the sunshine and being away for the weekend... but Kirsten is great and she made sure she had a fun weekend planned for me. Since I have been to the bay area many times before, she was great at finding new things for me to do that I have never done before.

So we...

Went to the Academy of Science. I had never been and loved it. What a beautiful place. Oh and we got to hang out with our friend Lisa who now lives int he Bay area.

We then went to the Japanese Tea Garden which is across the street. BEAUTIFUL!

We went to see the Golden Gate (can't be in SF without seeing the Golden Gate)

We hung out on Pier 39, listened to live music & had dinner.

The next day we relaxed and did the things we used to do together. We went and had a yummy brunch, got pedicures and went to the movies. We saw "Warm Bodies" a zombie chick flick. It was cute... in a morbid way. ha ha. We loved it.

The next day we went back into the city and I did my first Duck Tour! So fun. Party on a boat/bus. Such a fun way to see the city.

Then we met up with Dallas (Kirsten's husband) and we went and got sushi! YUM!!! So good. Best to get sea food when you are next to the sea.

Next day they had regional conference and we went to watch it next to the beautiful temple. Then we drove to see some amazing views of the city since it was such a clear beautiful day.

I left early the next morning. It was a relaxing, fun and wonderful trip. Thanks Kirsten for letting me come visit and showing me a good time. :)


flux biota. said...

AMAZING! So jealous. I need to get out more.

Dallas and Kirsten said...

What a fun post! I'm a couple months behind on my blog, but I can't wait to post about our adventures together. I LOVED having you here and it made me miss you that much more. Love ya girl! And thanks again for coming to visit!

jamie hixon said...

I haven't been to SF since Asher was one year old. And even then, we didn't really get to hang out. We were just there for a quick wedding (that ended in divorce soon after). The tea garden looks so beautiful.