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Saturday, February 2, 2013


Currently I am in the Bay area visiting my good friend Kirsten. One of the reason's I came to visit was to get away from Utah and the cold. Another reason the biggest reason, was to visit Kirsten because I have not seen her for a long time.... but ANOTHER reason I came was to meet her little man Daxton. I know... I'm late on meeting all of my friends's babies. By the time I meet them they are a year or almost a year old. Better late than never.

Daxton is 10 months old now. Actually was born right before my niece, Irelyn. It is interesting because they are both very chill and happy babies. So nice. Daxton is as cute as a button. I sure have loved trying to get him to smile. He spends a lot of time staring at me... probably trying to figure out who this stranger is in his house. :) It has been so fun to see Kirsten and Dallas as parents. They are great and loving parents.

*I stole this picture of little bear Daxton from Kirsten's blog because I love it.


Lori said...

What a cute little boy! Nice to see Kirsten again :)

Dallas and Kirsten said...

Oh I love this post! :) I sure do love you and wish you could have stayed longer. It's just never enough time seeing you. Daxton misses you as well :) Thanks so much for coming out to visit. It meant the world to me! Love and miss you already!

jamie hixon said...

Cute! Nice pics!