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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Nail Polish Addiction

I used to have a hat obsession. Well, I still love hats, but I don't wear them the way I used to wear them. I used to wear a different hat almost everyday, to the point that one of my co-workers told me I reminded him of the kid on "Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium" because he used to wear a different hat everyday.

Although I still wear my hats sometimes... I have a new obsession. Nail Polish. I used to love to grow my nails out long. Now I love to keep them very short and paint them with pop colors or different colors and designs. Especially since I have to type all day at work.

Typically, I cut and paint them once a week... usually on Saturday. I like to do new colors every week. So here are some of the many...


jamie hixon said...

Nice job with the leopard print, girl! Wait, are those the sticker things? Well, it looks cool either way. I used to paint my nails leopard. It was time consuming. Now I never paint my nails, because the paint would be off half way through the day. But there are always toe nails!

I love your nail colors and styles. I bet I have more colors than you though!

Lori said...

Where are the JamBerry sheilds!?!? :) I want to see Zebra on those nails!