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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Love Day

 I don't love Valentines Day... but I don't hate it either. There has only been one Valentines Day where I have actually been dating someone, but a while ago I decided it didn't matter if I was dating someone or not. It was going to be a day where I let people that I love care about know that I love and care about them. So I got a rose and candle for each of my roommates, dropped off Valentines to my parents with Chocolates along with my sister and brother in law and made little cards for Reanne, Sierra and Grant. I dropped off a couple of goodies to my visiting teachees and to a couple of my good friends.

I wasn't expecting anything from anyone... but the Relief Society dropped off something for everyone in the RS, when I got together with Monica for dinner, she had written out a little card and gave me a little bag of treats that she had made. Liz gave me and my roommates slap bracelets and rings. I have secretly wanted a slap bracelet for the past year or so and have not had one since I was a kid. I also had someone drop by a nice card and some heart shaped sugar cookies (don't know who) and someone ding dong ditched a rose for me (also don't know who) but I wish I did know who so that I could thank them because it meant the world to me that people thought of me on this lonely holiday. So nice.

Along with those gifts, my nieces Reanne and Sierra both made me a Valentines which they both worked very hard at. So cute. Reanne constructed this Fashionista Valentine for me. A T on the top for Tracy and angel wings and lots of fashionista dresses and shoes. I love that I'm their fashion icon.

Sierra's valentine to me was very different but just as clever and cute. She made a message out of candy hearts. Right away she said don't eat the candy hearts cause they are part of the valentine. So I read the Valentine. SO CUTE! I can't believe she came up with this on her own.

Later on that night, my BFF Neighbor had an epic BBQ which was a huge success as usual. He is kind of a big deal. Then there was a girls night. Girls night included cute decorations, yummy treats, a chick flick and painting nails.


Darrell said...

Woot woot!

Lori said...

Doesn't look like it was a lonely holiday for you at all! Way more than any Vday i've ever experienced :) I helped the boys make me valentines- haha. (and valentines for everyone else in the family too of corse)
Love you!!

jamie hixon said...

Looks like an awesome day! We literally did nothing for valentines day, and you rocked it! Nice work.

PS Reanne and Sierra's valentines to you are AMAZING.