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Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.

But seriously... I'm sick... AGAIN! That makes the 3rd time this year (in the last 2 months) that I have been sick. Different virus's each time. I'm pretty sure I have caught every virus that has gone around this Winter.... or let us hope there is no more after this. I can't take anymore. This one has already ruined my long holiday weekend. I was in bed for 3 days straight. So not like me. I usually don't take sick days from work. No energy. Achy body. Headaches. Sore throat. Yuck. Make it go away.

Today I took a detox bath. Don't know how much it did... but it always feel good to take a bath. Also my friend Sabrina came by and brought me orange juice and some throat coat tea which seems to be doing wonders on my throat.

Hopefully I will be back at work tomorrow and this will all be over soon. And HOPEFULLY I will be done getting sick this Winter. This has been the worst winter ever.

The End.


Lil Lizzie said...


Lori said...

Bummer. So sorry to hear that you are sick again. Hope you are feeling better by now.
Love you

Lynette Mills said...

You should have called, I would have brought you some soup.

jamie hixon said...

Taking baths while sick... it is an amazing feeling. I always feel so good while I'm in there, and then I get out.

Yeah, don't get sick anymore. Mkay?