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Sunday, February 3, 2013


Fog is normal where I come from back home. I grew up in the ocean. When I see fog here in Utah, I don't think about it at first because it is something a grew up having... but then I think harder about it and get confused. Why the heck are we having fog in Utah?

Not only are we dealing with an inversion but a highly polluted one. Over the years that I have lived here, I have seen it come and go, but I have never seen it as bad as we have had it this year. In fact, they have said that running outside is like smoking a pack of cigarettes. Sick right? It is seriously disgusting. My co-worker made this comment, "the air has gotten so bad that I have decided to pick up smoking" I added "go big or go home". Of course we were joking, but seriously, it is almost like we have started. It is pretty bad. Recently many days you just look outside and it just looks gross, you don't even want to go out there.

Anyway... I hope it ends soon, for every one's health and well being. 


Kristy said...

ditto that.

Ononto Joy said...
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Leo said...

Amazing sunset ! make it my desktop background... Thanks.

Lori said...

So sorry- sounds yucky! Looks kinda cool in the pictures though

jamie hixon said...

I heard that SLC and the surrounding areas in the valley were some of the most polluted places in the world. Activate: sadness.

Maybe you should make like the Japanese and wear a mask when you go outside.