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Monday, February 4, 2013

California Dreamin

So I know I was just in San Francisco... but I am already missing the Golden State, the warmth the sunshine.

I am going to blog all about that trip, but I have a lot of pictures to go through before I do, so I thought I would blog about my roommate trip to Santa Barbara back in October. I blogged about us going to Disneyland, but I realized I never blogged about the rest of our trip in Santa Barbara. Probably because we didn't do much... I showed them the mission and around downtown a bit... besides that we just relaxed out on the beach, which was actually really nice and wishing I could do that again right now. Alas... I can not. So here are some fun memories from that trip with my roommies and Kylee from when we could. :)


Leo said...

Cute and fresh smile.... ! Be my friend?

Lori said...

Hey hey Leo! haha
Glad you girls all came and enjoyed the sun :)

Tracy said...

I know.... I have no idea who Leo is. ha ha

jamie hixon said...

I totally cannot wait to go to Santa Barbara. We are planning a trip the first week of our spring break... coming right up!