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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 156

The week after vacation is always hard because you have to get back into the reality of your life. I was happy that I came back to somewhat warmer weather though... although it is supposed to snow this weekend, which sadly is typical. It always snows on the weekends. It is like there is a weather Grinch somewhere that doesn't want us to be happy or want us to do anything on the weekends. Seriously.

Another thing that changed when I got back from my trip was gas prices! Holy moly it went up like 30 cents or so while I was gone. What is up with that? Not okay. It took so long for the prices to creep down over the months and then BAM one weekend it is right back up where it used to be. Sad.

I FINALLY finished watching 24. I feel like it took forever. I got kind of bored of it after 4 seasons. Same thing every season. Always a terrorist attack on the country. Always involves the president. There is usually a new president. Jack always leaves CTU and he always comes back. He has a new girlfriend, they die... don't get me wrong, it was still entertaining and I enjoyed it, but I feel like they could have ended the show a lot sooner, but I have to see things through the end. I also feel like they could have ended it better. The end was seriously disappointing for me. I thought about if I would have caught up with it while it was on tv and I was watching every week for 8 years... I would have been so mad with the ending. Oh well, now I can move on to the next show. I'm finally watching the 3rd season of Downton Abbey. Loving it. Honestly I will finish that in another day... so it is time to pick a new series to watch. Any suggestions?

I bought Josh Groban's new CD. Love it. I love him. He is one of those celebrities that I would love to hang out with for a day. Such a fun personality and an amazing voice. *sigh*

Remember how I told you I used garlic oil to heal my ear infection and I was amazed? Well, my niece got an ear infection and my sister used it on her.... and.... it worked! So amazing. I have seriously been telling everyone I know.

My friend Tara's birthday was on Monday. She told me last Easter that she loves peeps when they are stale, the harder the better. I thought that was so weird, but I told her.... well, I know what to get you for your birthday. So I bought peeps that Easter and kept them in a drawer for almost a year and gave them to her for her birthday. She was so happy. I actually tried them and they are kind of good that way... weird.

I started my hip hop class with my roommates. It was fun. Just for the music a lone I love it. But it seems like a fun class of girls and I love to dance... so I look forward to future classes. I do love dancing.

Let's talk movies. While I was in San Fran we watched "Hotel Transylvania" which I didn't have high hopes for, but it actually was really cute and funny. I should have guessed, I didn't realize comedians were the voices. Kirsten and I also went to the theater to see "Warm Bodies" which is a zombie love story where the zombies are actually turning back human. I don't love zombies, but this movie was so funny and cute (in a morbid way) I totally recommend it.

On Tuesday my co-workers and I were in SLC for work and decided to go out to lunch after. We decided to have middle eastern food. I had never tried it before, but I am always up for trying new things... especially on works account. It was SO good. The flavors stay with you all day, but it was very good with crazy good humus. I just love that my co-workers don't go safe when it comes to goung out to eat. I have gotten to try so many awesome places that I wouldn't have otherwise.

Get this! So at the airport in San Fran I noticed a guy sitting across from me. I notice him because I feel like he looks a lot like my brother in law's sister's husband. Anyway, I see him again in the airport in SLC getting his luggage. Here comes the weird part... I had to go to this conference in SLC, after the keynote speaker is over, we are sitting around waiting for everyone to be ready to leave and then all of the sudden I see the guy from the airport there. Crazy right? I wondered if he recognized me too.

The conference that we were at in SLC was called Brainshare. They have it every year. It is for customers to show them what we got and people from the company come too. I got a free laptop case/ carrier when I registered. I also got a punch card for the coffee stand... which I used for Lauren and I to get hot chocolate so we could drink and be warm while we listened to boring speeches about different technology products. They also played our video's on the big screen for everyone to watch. I might be nervous if I were in it for more than 2 seconds. I actually missed the first day and I am kind of glad. I'm not even quite sure why they felt like we needed to go. I seriously felt out of place there. #1 because I am female. #2 I'm young. #3 I'm not a nerd. I felt like (probably) I'm just surrounded by nerds and I don't understand their nerd talk. Overall it was alright and it was a nice change of scenery from my usual day. We had meetings all day the next day in the office. Ugh.

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jamie hixon said...

I actually thought Warm Bodies sounded like it would be good, and I HATE zombies!

I know what you mean about 24, there were a few seasons of that show that I didn't love. The first one was the best, by far.

I think you should watch "Jerico" next. It is on Netflix, and it is only two seasons long. It is about a town surviving a crazy assault on America, and it is very thrilling and interesting. It made me want to buy more food storage. Ha.