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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 160

All week, all I have been thinking about is writing my talk for this coming Sunday. I hate giving talks. I have not given one in years. I get a good topic (faith) but at the same time it is super broad and I could take it so many directions, so I have all these scattered thoughts and need to bring it all together. My goal was to have it done before the weekend so I didn't have to stress about it over the weekend. That gives me tomorrow during work.... I hope I can do it. Any help and suggestions are welcomed.  P.S. I would rather sing a solo in church than talk. Just saying. My neighbor Nate and I had a really nice chat after work today and he was really encouraging and made me feel better about it all. What a gem he is.

I have started running. Have to start training for my half marathon. I struggle with 3 miles... not sure how I am going to add 10 more miles on top of that. I am beginning to think it was a crazy idea to have that as a goal for this year. On the other hand, a ton of people signed up from my ward that will also be doing it for the first time, so that should make me feel better. Regardless, I really need to get serious about running. Warming up outside would help. And it has a little... but it isn't supposed to stay that way sadly.

Saturday we had our women's conference where we had Sister Oaks (wife of Elder Dallin Oaks, one of my faves) come speak to us. She is just great. I just love how she is so sweet but she tells it like it is. Whenever I feel bad about still being single at 30 I just think... Sister Oaks didn't get married until she was 53. Imagine how hard that was! She is a strong woman. I was for sure inspired to do more service after her talk. After her talk we got to pick from different work shops. I went to a couple... one from a Marriage and Family Therapist about life not being what you expected and the other about temples. Sometimes I think I could have gone into therapy and I would have been a good therapist and enjoyed it. However I also thought that about being an EMT. Who knows... maybe I will still do these things one day. Or at least volunteer with these things in one way or another. Anyway, one of the things I really liked that was said in the class about life not being what you expected was that it is okay to experience emotions and that we should take what we learned from our trials and help bear each others burdens by helping people with similar trials learn what you did. Sometimes we have trials so that we can have greater empathy for others and help others. I like that. I know that has been the case with me. Sometimes I think I am still single because I am strong and I have been able to help a lot of other singles with things they are going through because of my own experiences. Of course I would rather be married, but I also like to help where I can... and I like to tell myself there is a reason why I am still single... besides all of the great things I am learning of course. :)

I felt so productive this week because I finally re-registered my car (which apparently my break pads were completely worn off and I needed new ones) AND I did my taxes... thanks to my good friend Liz. This is the time of year that I worry about getting both of those things done. I am getting a big chunk in back from taxes too... which is nice. Anyway... my family can be happy that none of them had to do my taxes this year. I hate doing them and I always try and get someone in my family to do it. I have rotated people... but when I mentioned it this year nobody was going to help me. Thankfully Liz was excited to help me. It was pretty fast and easy too. Which was great!

Tuesday my friends threw a Cinco de Marcho party. Ha ha. I love my friends. So funny. When I told my co-workers about it they just thought it was so funny. Just an excuse to throw a party.

Tuesday was Hip Hop class. I love it. So much fun! I'm trying to decide if I want to do the extended classes. Right now we are learning a really fun dance. I just love dancing.

Speaking of dancing we have a new zumba instructor at work for a while. New instructor is a dude, which is a little hard to get used to at first because you are used to having women instructors... I mean, it is not the most manly thing to do. Once you get past that, this guy was super awesome. A really good dancer, high energy, fun music. So fun to switch it up from the same stuff you are used to doing every week. PLUS he had this rad curly fro that would bounce while he danced. He is kind of adorable. I'm pretty sure he bats for the other team though. ha ha. So fun to have a new zumba instructor though.


Katie H. said...

I have to give one on faith in 2 weeks too! How funny. Look up Elder Nash's talk from last conference. That's the talk they gave me to refer to!

jamie hixon said...

The person who invented Zumba was a guy. And so is Richard Simmons. So... nope. I don't have a point. But I used to love Zumba class, if only for the people watching.

PS We are opposites. I would rather give a talk than sing a solo in church. I just cry when I sing solos, and it is embarrassing.

Lori said...

Good luck on your talk tomorrow! I will be thinking of you :) Billy just spoke 2 weeks ago. I never look forward to it either.