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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

5th Year Blogiversary!

Tomorrow is my blogiversary, so I thought I would do my yearly blogiversary post since tomorrow is photo of the week. It is kind of amazing to me how fast a year goes by. Where is the time going? I am pretty impressed that I have been keeping up with my blog for 5 years and almost daily for the past 3 years.

As is tradition... here is a recap on my past blog year.

1- Went to Festival of Colors for the 6th year in a row.
2- Attended many BYU & other sports events
3- My Niece Irelyn was born. Got to hold her at a few days old.
4- Went Four Wheeling a lot
5- Went to more floral design classes
6- Was chosen to interview (skype & in person) for a reality tv show (Mormon Matchmaker) on lifetime.
7- Wend to another Jazz game
8- Took pictures that went up on display in my mom & Aunt's booth
9- Played lots of laser tag
10- Went scuba diving on Star Wars day at the Bonneville Sea Base (Utah)
11- Tapped danced in the ward talent show
12- Went to lots of outdoor movies at the park
13- Drove down to Kannaraville Utah to watch the Solar Eclipse
14- Went to Maui for the first time
15- Got to scuba dive in Maui Coral Gardens
16- My nephew Jameson was born (sadly didn't get to hold him until a few weeks later)
17- Went on a beautiful hike to Silver Lake
18- Got a group of friends to dress up and race go carts at Boondocks as Mario Kart characters (EPIC)
19- Went to a Padres Baseball game in San Diego
20- Went to the San Diego Zoo
21- Got to go to the Channel Islands for the first time ( saw hundreds of dolphins on the way there)
22- Kayaked in and through sea caves at Santa Cruz Island (Channel Islands)
23- Went to Summer Fest (aka a fair) where I went on a fast spinning ride that I almost got thrown up on)
24- Let Nicole experiment with my hair and got it died ombre (aka the melt)
25- Went to St George with my roommates and went to Tuacahn to see Aladdin
26- Drove down to Vegas to go see Celine Dion in concert. AMAZING!
27- Joined the ward "Golf Club" and learned a little bit of golf and started going to the driving range
28- Rode wave runners at Deer Creek
29- Went to the Strawberry Day's Rodeo
30- Had the 3rd Annual Fort Week & 1st bi-annual fort week in January
31-  Drove down to Mesquite to see the Garage Boys play (groupies)
32- Started playing on the ward softball team (we were undefeated)
33- Started going to Karaoke every other week
34- Went to an Owlz baseball game
35- Went to Idaho with a bunch of friends (shooting, four wheeling, wave runners, BBQ's, paddle boards... were just some of the activities)
36- Went to Tabby Fest with a bunch of friends in the ward to go shooting, four wheeling and horse back riding
37- Was addicted and watched all of the Summer Olympics
38- Made a video for FHE starring my nieces and nephew. Star Wars Kid History
39- Went to Mona pond to watch Dave and his friends go "troping" as they call it (rope swings)
40- Improved on my patio and garden
41- Finally got to meet Nate's son Max (when they moved back to Utah)
42- Did more craft projects
43- tried lots of new recipes
44- Went to a REAL soccer game
45- My new awesome roommates moved in (and it has been so pleasant ever since)
46- Went to Yuba lake
47- I rappelled down a waterfall at Battle Creek Falls
48- My sister's Lori & Jamie came to Utah to visit (sadly not at the same time)
49- I bought a beach cruiser (along with Steph and Liz) and we went on many bike rides together
50- Went to the Farmers market for the first time in Utah
51- Went to India Fest for the first time
52- Our ward had an awesome bike parade to get snow cones.
53- I went to see Thriller (the play/dance)
54- Ran the 5k Pink race for cancer in Park City
55- Went to a new corn maze (a mystery corn maze)
56- Went on a road trip with my roommates to California to go to Disneyland and to Santa Barbara
57- Did a group costume for Halloween. Dressed up as Ninja Turtles (I was Donatello) including Sarah as April O'Neil. We were a big hit.
58- Went to Boston for the first time to visit Steve and Brad
59- Finally got to meet Brad's little girl, Sophie
60- Wes and I recorded a CD together
61- I was in a Flashmob (I actually got to start it) check off the bucket list!
62- Went to see Joshua James in concert
63- Participated in the 5k Santa Run (so funny)
64- Threw some parties at my house (goodbye parties, birthday parties, hot chocolate party)
65- Went on a sleigh ride with my roommates in Heber
66- Sang in Candlelight at Disneyland for the 15th year
67- Bought myself a GoPro (for my birthday)
68- Had my first surprise birthday party thrown for me (I TURNED 30!!!)
69- Did the floating sky lanterns for my birthday (30 for my 30th B-Day)
70- Took new family pictures
71- Got to be with almost the whole family for Christmas
72- Went sledding
73- Got to be an extra in a work video for Novell with Scott Christopher (he is in a lot of the Mormon movies... like the Singles Ward and the Best Two Years)
74- Got to go on a plane ride over Utah Valley with my friend Jay as the pilot. Smallest plane I have ever been in. 4 Seater!
75- Went to San Francisco to visit Kirsten
76- Finally got to meet her little man, Daxton
77- Went Cross Country Skiing for the first time (across Utah Lake)
78- Celebrated my 4 year anniversary at Novell (crazy!!)
79- Gave a talk on faith in church
80- Blog has 67 followers and has been viewed 132,727 times

Thank you blog for being there for me through the good and the bad. You treat me well. :)


Lynette Mills said...

It's pretty cool to summarize your year like that!

jamie hixon said...

That is pretty cool that you have done all those things. If I were to summarize what I have done, I think my list would be pretty short and boring. :)