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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Shania Twain

This weekend has been busy and filled with fun. There were many events that took place, but one of those events was driving down to Vegas to meet up with Lolly and her two best friends that she grew up with (Ivette and Alethea) and go see Shania Twain in concert on Saturday night.

*I took this picture at the very end of the show. The grand finale*

We had so much fun. We dressed up for the show. Dressy but country. We of course did a little photoshoot. As soon as I go through all of the pictures, I will post them.  Then we were off to the concert.

It was such a fun concert. All of us were dancing and singing a long the whole time. It was very fun with backup dancers and fun band with an awesome string section. She had fun scene changes and backdrops. She even entered the stage on a motorcycle in the air and a couple of times I was surprised when she came on stage riding a horse. In fact she did that twice on two different horses. After the second time I turned to Ivette and asked how many horses she thought she had backstage.

Before I got to Vegas... Lolly, Ivette and Alethea had this plan to get me on stage to sing with Shania, but that was a fail. We were way too far back. Oh well. After the concert, we went to Serendipity for some food and frozen hot chocolate. SO GOOD!!!

After that we went back to the theater to try and get some pictures in front of the sign since it is so crazy right after the concert. I tried to pose like Shania... for some reason, it didn't quite turn out the same.

Shania has been MIA for many years... so it was fun that she came back and that we got to go to her concert. She is great. I had a blast in Vegas with these lovely ladies. I wish I had more time with them. Hopefully we will plan another get together soon!


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Kristy said...

Looks like a lot of fun!

jamie hixon said...

I would never wear that head to toe sparkly bodysuit she has on in one of those pictures. Yikes. And the girl fiddle players are normal looking and then there's that model guy who is pretending to be a fiddle player. Ha! Glad you got to go and have fun. If I'm ever famous I'm going to do all my shows flying on unicorns and Falcore from the Neverending Story.