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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Just Dance Marathon

I blogged about this event in a confessions post... but now that I have all of the pictures from Sara BTW (Bytheway) I wanted to do a legit post about this event.

A year or so ago, Sara BTW bought a Wii and the game "Just Dance 2". I played it for the first time with her. It just so happened that we were having so much fun that we played the whole game in one night. It took a while.

Fast forward to the Saturday after Christmas 2012 (a few months ago). Sara came up to me the week or so before and said... "Hey Tracy, you know what would be a good idea? I have all of the Just Dance games now and we should play them all in one day". I remember taking that in... and thinking, that would take a while, but hey, we did one game in one night, I'm sure we could do all of the games in one day and agreed to do it... even with some excitement about the idea not FULLY thinking of how long it would take and tiring it would be.

So we picked the Saturday (the last Saturday in December) and we put on our work out clothes. Sara was prepared with bottled water and carb snacks AND a spreadsheet of ALL of the songs so we could mark them off as we went along and would know how many more songs we had to do. The event was also well documents. Not only were pictures taken of us dancing, but Sara took a picture of every screen that showed our score after each song. Of course I am going to show you one where I won. I'm Sunny.

Sara also put out an invitation to the ward in case anyone wanted to join us in our game. We figured we would have some people here and there wanting to play with us since we were going to be playing for 12 hours. Turns out, Liz was the only one cool enough to join in on our marathon. :) She played with us for about an hour and kicked our butts. We would like to think it is because we were tired from playing all day.

It was also documented by video. Sara took video before we started and then after we finished each game. It is funny to see how happy and excited we were in the beginning and how tired and miserable we are by the end.

I feel like we completed a world record. Probably not, but I would like to think we did. It took us 12 hours total. We started at 10:30am and finished at 12:30am. We took a break for dinner and then another half hour break between game's 3 and 4. It was intense. For a while, before we started the last game, I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to finish it. Thank goodness I am determined and once I say I'm going to do something I do it. By the end... I felt like I had hiked a mountain. I hurt. I was so sore that night and the next few days. Who knew.

After we were done, we were super proud of ourselves and than wanted to punch ourselves for thinking that was a good idea and thinking it would be fun. ha ha. It was fun for a little bit, but by the end... yikes. But we did it! YEA!!! There you go. We checked that off of our lists. What an accomplishment and a super unproductive day... all at the same time. :) We are awesome.


Lil Lizzie said...

good times!! hahaha

jamie hixon said...

"It took us we hours total" ??

That is crazy. PS I can't see the videos because of facebook privacy issues or something.

This is like saying you are going to spend all day at the gym. You crazy.