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Saturday, March 16, 2013


Today was kind of a random adventure. There were a bunch of people going to SLC to the Real Soccer game. I didn't want to go as early as everyone was going, so I decided not to go. Then BFF Neighbor (aka Darrell) called me and tells me that he and Stuart want to go to the game and asked if I wanted to go with them. I say sure and in the afternoon we went on our merry little way. Right before we left, Lyndi came over to Darrell's wanting to borrow a air pump for her bike, but then decided to go with us instead. Well... we tried to get vouchers for the game at KFC (which has done that for a long time) and each one we went to said they don't do that anymore. A Half hour of traffic and a Wendy's frosty later, we decide it is going to be impossible to go to the game because it was super sold out, so we headed to the Gateway instead to help Stuart and Darrell with some shopping AND we went to the Planetarium.

There is lots to explore at the planetarium. We played some games and learned about planets... and did a little photo shoot of ourselves walking on the moon and on mars. Stuart crept in the back and a creepy alien.

Then... as we were talking about planets and stars and such, it made me think about last night. I had a friend over and he left around 1:30. Usually my visitors and come and go from the back door, but he was leaving from the front door. As we were saying goodbye I saw something bright in the sky. It was not only bright but it was big and moving kind of slowly. It seemed so close. I just stared. It was amazing and beautiful. I just thought it was an amazing shooting star. That is the only thing I could think of. As I was telling my friends at the Planetarium of my experience, Lyndi told me it was a comet.  Someone else told me it was a meteorite. I'm not sure which one, but either way this makes so much more sense. I just didn't know because I had never seen a comet before. She told me she had known about it but didn't stay up to watch for it. Me on the other hand, I had no idea it was supposed to happen and I just happen to be at the right place and the right time and I am so glad. It was an awesome site! So glad I got to see it.

Anyway, back to our Saturday adventure. After we were done in SLC we made our way back to P-Town and Stuart's car almost died on the freeway and then we went out for sushi, because we love sushi... a lot. Except for Lyndi hates it, but she was out numbered. Later that night, Darrell and I attempted to make a strawberry pie. It was okay, mostly because of the strawberries, but I need to get my mom's recipe. Note to self, skip the frozen pie crusts.

I had no plans for the day and it ended up to be a random and fun adventure with Lyndi, Stuart and Darrell. It was a good day.


Darrell said...

Woot woot! We rock!

jamie hixon said...

That looks like way more fun than a game. My kids would totally love that!