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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 161

First off, Happy Pie (pi) day. Sadly I didn't have any pie. I missed the pie party in my ward because I was in SLC doing my eyelash extension/ massage trade and then we didn't order pie at "Wild Mustang" when I went out to lunch with my co-workers... even though they make fresh pies every morning. Yum. Instead, we went to Krispy Kreme's to get a donut because we had little gift certificates to get free donuts there from work. Yuck. I don't like their donuts. Homemade pie would have been better. Maybe I just need to make one this weekend... late. Strawberry pie. I have never done that before.... Challenge excepted!!!

The weather has been so great this week. It was like 70 degrees today. Do you know how amazing that is after having a winter where we went below 0 several times. Oh, I hope it stays this way and I start to see blossoms soon. I am not counting on it though.

I watched the edited version of Argo with a group of friends. Loved it. I know it is based on a true story, but whatever I watch a movie based on a true story it makes me wonder how much they changed, what they changed and why.

So I have been ready for a new show since I finished preparing and writing my talk. Yeah, talks stress me out. My sister Jamie had suggested Jericho... so I am watching that now. I had never even heard of it before she mentioned it to me. I have to say that I am loving it. It is interesting and action packed and only 2 seasons. I started on Monday and I just started the second season today. I will be moving on to the next show next week. ha ha. So any suggestions is welcome.

Tuesday was the first day that I went running outside. I forgot how much different that is than running on a treadmill. It was hard. I hate running. While I was running 3 miles I thought to myself... what was I thinking signing up for a half marathon? I'm going to die. Which I might. Someone please rescue me if this happens. ha ha. Seriously though, I hope it stays warm so I can keep running outside and get used to it and back into shape! After running I went to hip hop class. It is hard to hip it to the hop when you are already tired and sore. It was still fun though. Only one more class left!

You know what I love about the gym at Novell? It is a great community of people. Seriously. You see the same people there when you go, so you get to know them. I have become friends with the instructors that teach the classes. I have become friends with the other people that regularly attend the classes and even people who are not in the classes. For example, this guy Adam. Lauren and I got to know him just from using the elliptical by him. He is from England and moved here to play soccer. Super nice guy. Now when I run into him in the elevator or whatever around work we can say hi and talk about travels (which is usually what we talk about). Another example... I got to know some people that play volleyball during the warm weather months. Back when I played a few times with them. One of the guys that play, Lauren and I call "Hot Grandpa". Turns out his name is Kent. Older guy. Super buff. SUPER nice. Always says hi and gives compliments. One day when I was in the gym, he saw me running on the treadmill. He knew I was working hard because my face was bright red. He came up to me while I was getting a drink of water to say hi and good work and we got to talking about how I am training for a half marathon and he asked me how my diet was and told me what he does and told me that he would send me a pdf of his diet for me to follow if I want. Totally didn't have to do that, but he went out of his way to come encourage me and say hi and it made my day. A couple hours later, I got an email from him with the diet plan. The list goes on and on. Also when I was an extra for the work film I met some new people. I don't get the opportunity in my department to meet many people outside of contracts/legal department... which is crazy because of how big the company is. So I love that I have gotten involved in other ways to get to know a lot more people there. It makes me feel more at home when I see friendly familiar faces all around, but especially at the gym. It makes me want to go that much more when I know I have friends there that are encouraging me and rooting for me to accomplish my goals and are always happy to see me. Novell is an awesome community of people.

This was my favorite message from online dating this week. He read my "what I'm looking for" and wrote this:
- genuine ✓ ( I keep it real)
- kind and caring ✓ ( I care about the orphans and I rescue puppies whenever possible)
- great sense of humor ✓ (I'm hilarious)
- loves to travel ✓ (going to Australia in 3 weeks)
- active ✓ (in every sense of the word)
- fun ✓ ( we would have a blast together, guaranteed)

When are we hanging out?

- Josh

There are these 3 guys in my ward that all just got back from their missions (although they look younger than that) and are living at home (which happens to be in my ward boundaries). They are so young and full of energy. Ever since they came to fort week, they just love me. I don't know why. I love to hang out with them though because they make me laugh. They wear skinny jeans and are as random as heck. The other day one of them rode his bike from his parents house to mine to come see me. The other guy came and gave me a hug after my talk. In my talk I mentioned that I was engaged before, he asked me how long ago that was. I said a few years. He said "like 2 years?" and I was like... "no, like a few plus". Then he says. "I'm glad you didn't marry him, so you can marry me instead.". How tender. I don't think either of these boys know how much older I am than them... like 8 years older. Bless their hearts.


Caytlin said...

HAHA I love the cute boys fresh off the mish :) You have a fan club! And HOORAY for the warm weather!! It made me miss home a lot and wonder why in the world any of us ever moved away from a such a temperate climate!!

jamie hixon said...

Those boys seem pretty awesome. Like "I work at Far West" awesome.

I'm glad you are digging (at this point- already dug?) Jericho. I've got nothing as far as suggestions. You are a series watching machine!

Let me know if you hang out with hilarious online boy. After his trip to Australia, of course.

I'm glad you like your gym. I see many of the same people at the gym all the time, but I don't talk to them because I dress homeless all the time and I think they see me as a strange duck.