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Friday, March 29, 2013

Flashback Friday 110

Back in April of 2002, for a relief society activity, we all drove down to Hollywood in a big van and went to "The Price is Right". How awesome is that? Many summer's growing up, my siblings and I would turn on the tv at 10am to watch that show and now I was going to be in the audience. For some reason though I didn't want to be picked to be on the show. We had all mad shirts for the show, as people typically do. Mine said "pick my friends" and had arrows pointing to each side of me. Sadly, no one from our group ended up being picked, but it was still a fun experience to go on the show. It's a classic!

I had no idea what went into filming a show like this. I had no idea it would take longer than an hour to film a one hour show (with many commercials) and that they did more than one taping in a day.... and that we would have to stand in line all day to fill out paperwork and to make sure we were old enough and to be interviewed (turns out people are not picked at random) and so on and so forth. I thought the studio would be bigger. I didn't realize that Bob Barker would talk so much... about himself and that he would stop filming when he got a paper-cut. ha ha. So many things you don't think about when you are watching the show on tv. It was a fun experience though. After we were done, we all went out to dinner. It was a fun day.

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jamie hixon said...

I remember when you guys did this. I was so bummed that nobody got picked. It would have been awesomely ironic if they would have picked you. I know a few people who have won stuff on The Price is Right, and they said they tried to be as interesting and peppy as possible. They also said that Bob Barker was the worst.