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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Full Moon Lift Ride

Last night and tonight was a full moon. So happy to say that I have been outside enjoying it both nights. Last night, the Bottomless Pitt and tonight... Sundance!

This morning started out kind of crappy. I went out to my car to rush to work for a meeting and of course my car decided not start. Took my a half hour to find a friend to come help me and another half hour to try and jump it or figure out what was wrong. An hour later and totally unsuccessful, my friend finally just took me to work. Thankfully I work with an awesome guy that not only gives me motorcycle rides, but also comes to my rescue, leaves work with me to come help me with me car and he fixed it. Bless him.

The day ended really awesome. After tutoring, Jeanna, Mieka and I drove up to Sundance. You are probably wondering what there is to do at Sundance so late at night. I would have thought that a week ago. A few days ago I found out that they run the ski lifts from 9-11pm, but only on a full moon. Thank goodness I found this out in time because tonight was the last night. Well... until next month, but I am going to be gone for next month's ride. So we went for it. Remember the ski lifts that I took when my work went on the Stewart Falls hike a month ago? Well, we went on the same lift, except we went further and then just didn't get off and took it back.

Even though I didn't know about it until a few days ago, a lot of other people did, because it was a long line. It was worth it though. Having so many people on the lifts made for an interesting ride. You pass a new group of people every few seconds. There are loud annoying people, there are the couples that are all over each other (which I now sing the BSB PDA song), there are quiet people and then the funny ones. We had one guy ask us which was better Jello or Pudding. I had one guy tell me that he loved me and asked me to wait for him after the ride. It was funny listening to everyone's conversations as you see them gliding through the air above the mountains and trees.
Really though, it was beautiful. The stars were bright and beautiful and the full moon lit up everything. I wish I could have gotten a picture that showed you what I saw, the beautiful view of the mountains and trees and fields all fully lit by the moonlight.  So relaxing. Loved every minute of it.
Anyway... I tried to get pictures.... but its just about impossible. Here are a few we took.

Another thing I can now cross off my new Utah Bucket List. ;o)


Lynette Mills said...

How very cool! This is an activity I would totally do. I'll put it on my bucket list!

politicchic6 said...

I also like the moonlight ride. A and I went up a couple years ago and it was hilarious. Funny story, well, you know my thoughts on PDA, as we were on the ride Alan gave me a peck on the cheek as we were passing this lady and her (either kids or) grandkids. You could hear one of the little boys saying, "Look, they're kissing!" Alan and I busted out laughing. Ah, memories.

Jeanna said...

It was seriously so peaceful and pretty up there. I love full moons! Thanks Tracy for the invite. You are the best!

jamie hixon said...

Way cool! Was it anything like Soarin' over California?