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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 239

This week I am thankful for good sleep. It is amazing the difference a good nights sleep can make.

This week was quarter end and it was my turn to stay late. I was there with my boss until almost 12:30 in the morning. It was tiring. It got to the point where my eyes hurt and I couldn't stop rubbing them. Being at work from 8 in the morning until after midnight that night.... it's a long time to be at work. I went home and went straight to bed. My boss was nice enough to tell me I could come in late the next day... so I went in at 10:30. It was nice to sleep in until almost 9. I would have gone in sooner, but I had to make a soup to bring in for our fall pot luck. It was a feast! So much good food that everyone brought in. I love that my co-workers love doing this kind of stuff.

We also went to a funeral for work. Everyone in my department except for the two new people went. It was for a co-worker that worked in the department next to ours. His office was actually just a couple down from mine, so I used to see him everyday. Such a sweet guy. Always positive and friendly. He had been battling cancer for the past 3 years and it finally caught up to him. Very sad. Too young to die. He was my dad's age. The funeral was beautifully done. There were a lot of people there from work. Kind of a unique thing to experience with your co-workers. I have been through a lot with my co-workers.... but never a funeral. All being dressed up at work together. Singing hymns together in a church. It was a sad but also a very special experience.

Last weekend my roommates all went out together for the first time ALL TOGETHER!!! Can you believe we have never done anything all together before? Yeah.. we are all busy and living very different lives. I swear we all like hanging out together. It's rare when we are even all home together at home at the same time. It was fun. We all went to the movies and went to see "The Maze Runner". I didn't read the book, but I liked it. I didn't realize it was a series until I knew we were coming to the end of the movie and there was no conclusion. I liked it though. I wonder how it compares to the book though.

Saturday Allison, Quinette and I were all back again. We did a little shopping on the rainy day. I was so proud of myself for not getting much... I spent the least amount of money out of the 3 of us. I call that a success. :)

Tonight Allison and I went to the Food Truck Roundup. We tried something new this time (well, I try to every time) I have always seen a line for the Art City Donut truck. I didn't know why... I just thought they would be normal donuts. Well... Allison got some tonight. They were pumpkin. It wasn't just regular donuts... they were like a bunch of soft donut holes with a cream cheese glaze... you can so lots of different toppings. It was SO good. I now know why there is always a line.

Besides that... not too much new. I have just been relaxing at home most nights. Trying to finish editing all my pictures from my trip... then I need to start putting together the video. I still have books to make. I wish it all didn't take so long, but I'm always glad I have it all in the end.

Oh, I also went to the fish store on Wednesday. I enjoy going there. I feel like the owners are my friends now instead of just people at the fish store. I ended up getting a new fish. It's pretty rad and I'm trying to think of a name. It glides and crawls around the tank. He reminds me of a dragon. He is a fun addition to the reef.

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jamie hixon said...

I loved that movie, I saw it with Dan and mom. I read the book too, it was my favorite of the trilogy.

Dan loves funerals. I think they are very interesting experiences. Full of feeling. I'm sure your co-worker will be missed by many, but we will see him again.