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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 242

This week I am thankful for my smart phone. It makes life so convenient. Especially my new phone, everything works better and is faster and I just love that everything is just at the touch of a button.

This week flew by. The weather has surprisingly stayed warm and beautiful. I am loving it. I feel like I have been doing a lot of fun stuff and spending time outside, but I feel like I should be spending more time outside.

My roommate wanted me to watch Hemlock Grove on Netflix... so I have been. I started it this week and will finish it this week. I'm not sure why I am going to finish it... I hate it. Don't watch it.

Saturday was super productive for me. I was on a roll, I got a ton done. Maybe it is because I got 100% on my sleep. That is right,  have been using my sleep cycle app again. I also went and test drove a car with my dad. I hate salesmen, but I loved that car. I still haven't decided yet though what car I want to get. Oh yeah... I'm wanting a new car if I haven't mentioned that already. I don't just want a new car. I need one. I hate the process of looking for one though. I kind of wish someone would just do that for me and then I will just buy it. I'm not looking forward to car payments and higher car insurance, but I do need a new car. So I need to be a big girl and do it.

I also went to the fish store and I got my regular stuff AND a new fish. He brings some spice to the tank. Allison thinks I should name him Jazzy because of it. I don't really have names for the rest of my fish, except for MJ... but I don't mind Jazzy. Maybe that will stick. I just haven't been inspired with fish names. I have 6 fish now though and most of them need names. My tank sure is fun. Next I think I will get more coral. Jazzy was fine when I first put him in, but just last night he started picking on all the other fish. He is the new guy and thinks he owns the tank. I hope that they are just figuring out pecking order and then they will stop. That is what my fish nerd cousin told me anyway. He is the expert, so I believe him.

The diet has been going well. I can't wait to feel skinny again though. Not quite feeling that yet.

Yesterday was a cheat day for me. I had my annual pumpkin dinner. I will blog about it more later and post recipes, but it was awesome. It turned out exactly how I pictured it, the food was really good and everyone loved it. It was picture perfect. In fact, I instagramed a picture of the dinner and it was the most "likes" AND comments that I have received on a picture in a while. I love throwing fancy dinner parties.

Did a hip hop work out today on my lunch break. It was fun. That is my favorite type of exercise right there... dancing. It's the best.

I bought a robe this last week. I have wanted one for a long time... I always just thought it sounded nice to lounge around in a robe after getting out of the shower. Well, I found a black one at walmart that is super soft and warm and it was under $20... so I got it. Oh man! I'm pretty sure that I am going to be living in this thing come Winter. I mean, not only is it great to get in after the shower, but I also like wearing it over my clothes, because it is like wearing a blanket... with sleeves. My roommates make fun of me, but I don't care. Now I know why my friend Daniel is always walking around wearing his robe everywhere. It is all starting to make sense.

Tuesday I had my massage. Can I just mention again how glad I am that I get one every month? Seriously, it makes all the difference to me. I am so tight every time, so I obviously need it. If I could get one every day I would. They are so heavenly.

Other than that, I went to the pumpkin patch with Allison. Jakers in Springville. I went there last year as well, but this year it was so much more crowded. Probably because it is free and because they added a bunch more activities there. You can even have birthday parties there. Allison and I had a fun time picking out pumpkins. I think I even know what I am going to carve in it this year. I always love doing all of this stuff. Still need to finish putting my costume together as well. The pumpkin patch is beautiful and there is something about a bunch of pumpkins being in a picture... it's pretty... or maybe it just makes me happy because it represents fall and I am in love with fall. Either way... I'm glad we crossed that off of our fall bucket list. Can you believe there is just one more week of October left? AH!


William said...

You are always so fun and busy. Love the pumpkin patch pictures :) What kind of car are you looking at?!?! That's exciting and stomach turning at the same time. Love ya.

jamie hixon said...

Your Hemlock Grove comment cracked me up.

Um, the only reason I would ever get fish would be to name them. I would probably name them after Jonny Depp characters, or Shakespeare characters, or Disney characters, or maybe I would just name them all variations of "Benedict Cumberbatch"- like "this one is Bumperbowl Cabbagepatch, and this one is Bandersnatch Cumberbund, and this one is Benadryl Cataract."

I hear you on the car thing. And you look good in a pumpkin patch.