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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Flake Family

On Monday I took the Flake Family pictures. I know Tyler from work. We are both in the Legal department and our offices are across the hall from each other, so we have gotten to be really good friends. Over the past year and a half I have gotten to be good friends with Tyler's wife Shantelle because she has been my health coach. They are both awesome and have become close friends and I love them both.

Since they were nice enough to take Allison and I horseback riding, I told them I would do a favor for them and take their family photo's during this beautiful time of year. So we set it up for Monday. They have 4 young boys. The youngest is just about to turn a year old. Their boys are adorable, but let's be honest... kids don't love getting their picture taken and it is sometimes hard to get a great picture of everyone at the same time. That being said... overall their boys did great. Logan is a very happy baby, so it was just getting him to look at the camera. It was the second youngest that had the hardest time and the two older boys were easy. You take enough pictures though and you get at least a few good ones with everyone smiling.

Here is the best of what I got. What an adorable family.


Lynette Mills said...

Great job on the pictures! What a cute family. Those boys are adorable.

William said...

WOW TRACY!!!! You did an AMAZING job!!! What a good looking family :) It looks like the boys cooperated pretty well. I'm sure they are SUPER STOKED on them.

jamie hixon said...

Wow, nice job! I wish I looked that good after having kids!