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Monday, October 13, 2014

Mykonos, Greece

The last stop on our trip was the Greek Island of Mykonos. We only had a day and a half here... so we really just shopped, ate and explored. Oh... and layer out on the beach. So nice to relax at the end of our trip. This island was beautiful. Still white and blue like Santorini, but it had a very different feel to it.

While we played at the beach, I brought my GoPro so that we could have some fun taking under water pictures. Turns out they are harder to take than we thought... but we had fun trying. Also... doesn't it look like we are in a pool? The ocean is THAT blue and clear there. Amazing.

My pictures from when we went exploring around the main part of town.

Got this cool night shot and sunset shot... and this is how we ended our trip. Not a bad scene to end on right? We thought so too. What an amazing trip! So glad that Allison wanted to go with me. I can finally say I have been to Europe.


Robert Hughes said...

Seriously those are some of the most amazing photos... Thanks for sharing

William said...

Looks amazing Tracy. Thanks for letting me travel through you ;) and glad you had an awesome time! Love you.

jamie hixon said...

OH MY GOSH I'm trying so hard not to be jealous. Those photos are bomb and that last one? The colors are amazing. I WANT TO GO TO THERE.