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Friday, October 31, 2014

Peter Pan & The Lost Boys

Happy Halloween from me and my roommates, Peter Pan & The Lost Boys!

We didn't go to any fancy parties... but we had fun dressing up anyway. We even got RJ to dress up as Rufio. BANGARANG!!! I'm not sure why Rufio has hippy hair... but whatever. I love themed costumes and this was a fun theme. Although I wonder if it would have looked better if I did the PJ onesie like Allison. Her's turned out so cute. One day when I have a family... I'm totally doing coupled and family themed costumes. I love dressing up!

I thought it all turned out cute. Here are our pictures.

Penny made the cutest Peter Pan.

Allison and I were so excited to be Lost Boys. We bought fur on Amazon. We made pretty cute Lost Boys.

 I loved that RJ joined in on the fun too... even though he didn't get the hair quite right. He had never seen hook before. We will give him a pass since he grew up in the Philippines watching Dragon Ball Z. He did end up watching it before he dressed up as Rufio.

Like I said, we didn't really go to any parties this year. We went trick or treating, but for canned goods to give to the food bank. So we did that... either way, it is always fun to dress up. Glad we did. My roommates are fun.


Liz Bailey said...

they turned out SO good!

jamie hixon said...

What a fun photo shoot. And you do make a pretty awesome lost boy.