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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fall Horse Riding

I really wanted to go horseback riding this summer and my co-worker, Tyler (well, his parents) have a ranch and lots of horses up Hobble Creek Canyon. Tyler promised me he would take me, but told me it was best to go in the fall. I didn't really see what difference it made, but I said ok.

This last Thursday, I took Allison with me and met up with Tyler and his wife (Shantelle, who is also my Health Coach) and we went horseback riding in Hobble Creek Canyon. We went up this path up the mountain a little way. The fall colors were stunning. I could see why Tyler wanted to wait until the fall to go.

At the end of the path, you are at the top of the hill and it has the most AMAZING view. The sun was set and the canyon was just filled with fall colored trees. I loved being up there and just taking it in.. and on these beautiful horses. It was just so perfect in every way. It is my new favorite way to enjoy fall. BIG thanks to Tyler and Shantelle for taking me AND letting me bring Allison.

Also, thanks Tyler for getting good pictures for me.

Allison and I both loved every minute of it.


Lori said...

Oh man! I am so jealous! I have been hinting to the ranch manager that I want to go out on the ranch on horse back.... one of these days. Probably not while I'm pregnant though :(

Lynette Mills said...

So so cool

jamie hixon said...

..I'm on a horse!

Great photos, and fun thing to do. I haven' ridden a horse since I was a teenager.