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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 241

Work has been slow this week. So.. I reorganized my office and got rid of stuff that I didn't need anymore (kind of like what I have been doing around the house) and I made a happy board. Mostly of pictures of my life that make me happy. I love how it turned out. It's me!

Once I finished that, I figured I would be more productive... not with work stuff because I didn't have any, but with stuff I have been trying to get done at home anyway. So I have been bringing in my lap top and I got all caught up on my blog (if you couldn't tell) I'm finished blogging about my trip. Now I just need to finish going through and editing and getting rid of the rest of the pictures. So I have been doing that along with making sure all of my music from my CD's are on my computer and then I am tossing my CD's. Feels kind of good. I will still keep a few, want to keep things that will one day be out of date and no longer be around. But just a couple... not hundreds! ha ha.

My good friends Liz and Ben, who are now married had me over for dinner on Tuesday. I LOVE hanging out with them. I love it when my friends marry cool people and I love hanging out with both of them and don't feel like an awkward 3rd wheel. I loved it. Totally want to go hang out with them more. Hopefully there is lots more of that.

My massage therapist set me up with a guy. That guy actually Facebook stalked me and sent me a message and we met this week. He is a lot younger than me, but it didn't seem too much like it... so that is what matters. Hard to tell with one meeting, but we are going out again this weekend and I guess we will see how that goes. Dating.... it just seems to never end.Tech guy at work gave my number to his cousin, so I am waiting to hear from him and then I am also waiting to set something up with a guy that Facebook stalked me because I was friends with his brothers and thought I was cute so added me... we have chatted a little bit. He is younger too... those seem to be the ones I attract. Going with it.

Trying to get into the swing of my calling. I think it's going to seem overwhelming until we have our first meeting and start getting things organized and planned. I went to my first ward counsel this last Sunday which I found out about an hour before. I got back from camping and thought, great... I have 2 hours to get ready for church. Then I got the text about ward counsel (which I haven't had to go to for YEARS) and it changed to... I have 1 hour to get ready for church. I made it though. Feeling the pressure of the calling though. Thankfully this month we are going to join with FHE for our activity and I am also thankful that my co-chair is very on top of it and seems responsible. That is going to make all of the difference.

It is interesting, people always ask me as soon as I get back from a big trip, where my next trip is going to be. ALL the time. Like people don't think I ever take a break. Well... I guess the rate that I have been going this last year, I can see why people think that. I usually don't plan that far ahead because who knows if I will even be able to find someone to go with me. However, now that I have Allison and she has now got bitten by the Travel bug... I think we may have something in the works for next year. Anyone have any guesses? Ha ha If you follow me on Pinterest, you will probably know just by what I pin. We will see how serious people are about it though after the holidays.

My fish tank is doing better since I got back from Europe. It was getting bad again since I left it for 2 1/2 weeks. The fish were all fine, but the water was too salty and the corals were not happy. They are looking A TON better now and I am hoping that a couple of them will still come back. One of them is looking helpful.

I forgot to mention during conference, the last session Elder Kacher spoke. I didn't see his name at first, but when he was talking I kept thinking to myself how familiar he looked. I loved his talk. It was great. Anyway... it wasn't until I saw his name at the end... and then looked up that he was from Minnesota online after to confirm what I though. I have met him. My good friend Abby married his son Ryan. I went to their wedding in MN and ended up on the same flight as one of his other son's, Ben, so he actually gave me a ride from the airport to where I was going to be staying that night. I sang at their wedding party at their house. Nice guy. It was weird how it just hit me all of the sudden and all of those memories came flooding back. I had no idea that he was in the quorum of the 70 now. Very cool.

Still have many fall activities ahead. I still need to put together my Halloween costume and get pumpkins and carve them and all kinds of fun things. Can't wait. I am even getting some fun plans for next month and I am VERY excited because I think my entire family is going to be together for Thanksgiving this year. That hasn't happened in who knows how long. That means another low key Christmas though.... for me anyway.

I'm feeling great though. Getting tons accomplished. Still have many more projects, but if I keep going at the rate I am going, I am bound to catch up. :)

I am SO thankful for FALL!!! I just can't tell you how much I love it. It makes me happy. I have been trying to really get out and appreciate all the beautiful colors. I think I have been doing a good job so far. It really is the BEST time of year to live in Utah. I Love it. So much... that I made this with one of my pictures from camping this last weekend.


Liz Bailey said...

Yay! I loved having you over. I had missed you. Repeat soon. And love the bike pic on your happy board :)

jamie hixon said...

Hey, you made that? I love it! October!

I read a book called "A House in the Sky" and the first half of the book made me think of you all the time! The girl has Wanderlust for sure, and she goes all over the place. Then she goes to Somalia and gets kidnapped and tortured for 15 months, so hopefully that won't happen to you ever.

I love your happy board. I should do that. I'm glad my picture is on there, you would certainly be on mine.