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Monday, October 6, 2014

Florence, Italy

Although we were constantly lost in Florence because it is one big maze.... we loved Florence right away. It is such a beautiful city filled with such lovely and friendly people.

When we first got there we showed up at a hostel thinking we would be able to just book a room. Wrong. It was booked. So we wandered around the city trying to just find a hostel. Turns out... that doesn't really work. Thank goodness for my international data plan. We found something online. That night was the night we met up with the Italian Police Officer. He took us to the boar fountain. I didn't realize this was a thing... but there is water that comes out of the boars mouth. You put a coin in the boars mouth and let go and if the coin drops in the drain, then your wish comes true. In case you are wondering... my wish will totally be coming true.

Something Florence is known for is having the real David statue. We didn't want to stand in a LONG line and pay money... so we just took pictures of the replica of the David in a courtyard in a different part of town. I feel like saying we were in the same city as the real David is good enough. Plus there are other awesome statues there as well.

 The most amazing part of Florence is the Duomo... which our hostel was super close to. It's HUGE and so beautiful and just amazing to look at. So much detail. We also didn't go up the Duomo. Call us crazy... the lines were always SO long and we had little time there. Again... we would have had to pay money. However... you can go up another building in town for FREE and you get a view of the city and an awesome view of the Duomo... and there was NO line. The Italian Police Officer told us about that one. AMAZING!

Besides that... we just explored the city. Oh... and our cooking class, which we LOVED. So glad we did that. Although we were lost a lot... at least it is a beautiful place to be lost in. That is what we told ourselves anyway.

We started and ended our Florence experience with hiking up the hill to a look out point. First night we went up and saw the view at night. Right before we left we went to see it during the day. It's beautiful. A beautiful beautiful city that we wish we could have stayed longer in. Maybe I will see Florence again one day.

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jamie hixon said...

Oh my goodness... that is amazing. Florence looks gorgeous. I'm going to have to talk to you in depth about Italy when I come to Thanksgiving. :)