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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Irelyn Turns 3!

I'm not sure where the time has gone, but little Irelyn turned 3 on Sunday. She was really excited to be turning 3 because she has been telling me about it all month long.

Well, I have started a new tradition with my nieces and nephews that I take them out for their birthday and get them a little treat. Bonding time with their Aunt Tracy. Well, she is the second one to go out with me. I drove up to Salt Lake just to take her out. As soon as I got to the house she came prancing out all excited.

We chatted on the way to Menchies. She told me how nice my car was and how much she liked. It she told me to turn up my music because she liked it and wanted to dance to it (that girl knows how I roll) and she just had a big smile on her face.

When we got to Menchies I held her while she held her bowl and I put the ice cream in... but then she scooped the candy in (which I guess she usually doesn't get toppings, so she was pretty excited about that). I prepared my bowl and then we sat to chat and eat. She picked out all of the candy first. We danced to the music. She told me about her birthday party she had with her friends. It was all very adorable. You could tell by the chocolate and the smile on her face that she was happy.

We had about an hour together total... but I loved my little birthday outing with Irelyn. She is pretty darn cute and has quite the personality. She is a happy little girl and pretty fun to hang out with.

Then we were back at my brother's house.

Irelyn - "Are you going to stay?"

Me - "No, I need to drive back home to meet up with some friends. I drove up here just to take YOU out to ice cream for your birthday."

Irelyn - "I like you"

Me - "I like you too"

Happy Birthday Irelyn. I sure love you a lot and glad I get to be your Aunt!


jamie hixon said...

That is the CUTEST! She looks more Mills-ish in these pictures. I always thought she looked more like Clara's mom, but I think her look is changing a little bit.

You are the coolest, by the way.

THE LIZARD'S said...

How adorable!