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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Work Bats

First off... happy official Spring. I'm super excited for Spring and I am loving everything turning green and blossoming. Just makes me happy.

But let's get to what this post is really about. I don't come out of my office much besides to get more water and use the restroom. The other day... I came out though. My co-workers got ice cream from Culvers and we were chatting outside of my office and my bosses office right next to mine. We were just chatting away when all of the sudden this bat comes out of nowhere and swoops above my head. It really caught me off guard.. I mean, who expects to see a bat to come at them next to their office? Not me. I may have squealed a little bit but then I just started laughing... because it is funny. It just kept flying by.

So naturally... I follow the bat.... along with a couple other of my co-workers. Someone else had called facilities to get the bat, but we decided we got this. We followed the bat around until it would get tired and land. It took a few times of trying to catch him before we finally did. We probably chased it around for like 15 or 20 minutes. We got him though. We trapped him in a little trash can and then I used my cardigan to keep it in the trashcan. Don't worry, I didn't put the cardigan back on after that, it went home and straight into the wash. We took it out to the balcony on the 8th floor and set it free. We started calling ourselves the bat catchers.

After we had already let him go, facilities showed up with a net and told us that they kill them. I didn't like that. He was a cute little guy. We then looked it up and found out it is illegal to kill bats in the state of Utah. So... the lady that caught the bat with me is going to send them an email saying... hey, just so you know... it's illegal to kill bats, love the legal department. ha ha

Anyway, that was probably the most exciting thing that happened at work all week. That and my manager accidentally knocking a spoon out of the pint of ice cream, and it flipping up unexpectedly into my bosses ice cream, bowl. That made me laugh pretty hard to. However, I still think the bat wins.

Story of the bats continues....

As it turns out, seeing that bats at work is pretty much a daily thing now. It is no longer a surprise to see them flying up and down the halls. We caught another one before facilities came to get it. We make their job easier. This time we waited for them to come get it instead of letting it go ourselves. I thought it was so funny that they made a sign so that people would know... HA!

Then Tyler discovered another one! This one was sleeping in the window above my office door. I don't think I would have ever noticed him if Tyler hadn't told me. I don't really think to look up there and he was staying so still and quite. I really think he was just sleeping there. I thought it was kind of cute actually. I told everyone that he wasn't bothering anyone and people should just leave it alone. So they did. He slept above my office all day and facilities came and got him at the end of the day. My office out of all of the offices. It is like they can sense that I like them and are not scared of them.

It sure has brought a lot of excitement to work. People freak out over them. One lady came out of her office with an umbrella... not sure what she thought that was going to do. ha ha.

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Lynette Mills said...

Work bat? I guess then you remember the church bat! I'm glad you saved his life!