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Friday, March 20, 2015

7th Year Blogiversary

Although blogging has gone out of style for so many... I have managed to keep it up. Today is my 7th year Blogiversary! How about that!

Well... you know the drill. Tradition is I give a summary of my year (instead of at the new year). Last year's list was pretty epic. Let's see if this year's summary can top it!

1- Went to the Festival of Colors for the 8th year in a row
2- Still have my Salt Water fish tank (which means I haven't completely failed after a year)
3- Went camping & hiking in Moab
4- Learned the art of Book Binding (it was harder than I thought it would be)
5- Tried lots of new recipes
6- Took a sushi making class (The Piano Guys were in our class which consisted of 8 people)
7- Traveled to Peru (First time to South America!)
8- Went to Machu Picchu (Another wonder of the world off my bucket list)
9- Ate and wore Alpaca (also gave an Alpaca a hug... a little twisted? Probably)
10- Stayed in and explored the Amazon
11- Walked on a floating island on Lake Titicaca
12- Auditioned to be the next Mormon Bachelorette (didn't even come close to making it)
13- Became a frequent attender of the Food Truck Roundup
14- Lolly came to Utah to visit me!
15- Attended the Strawberry Day's Rodeo
16- Sewed my first beach tote (It turned out awesome)
17- Gave my patio a makeover
18- Had some dinner parties on the patio
19- Actually made a real effort in trying to get tan
20- Went fishing (in the Amazon & Utah)
21- Attended my first Amos Lee concert with my BFF neighbor (was NOT disappoited)
22- Hosted some more couch surfers
23- Did some hiking around Utah
24- Camping around Utah
25- Played in different lakes around Utah
26- Attended my first Demolition Derby
27- Got together a few times with the boys (Brad, Nate & Steve)
28- Got to meet Brad & Steve's new babies Benjamin & Becky
29- Did some photo shoots for people
30- Sang in church with my neighbor (piano man) Jed
31- Went to Italy & Greece (First time to Europe!)
32- Took an Italian Cooking class (Loved it!)
33- Wrote a letter to Juliet in Verona
34- Had a gondola ride in Venice
35- Saw the Roman & Greek Ruins
36- Went scuba diving in Santorini
37- Went horse back riding in the fall (best time to go)
38- Went through 2 different corn mazes with 2 different groups
39- Dressed up in a group costume with my roommates (Peter Pan & The Lost Boys)
40- Went on some Motorcycle Rides
41- Became activities co-chair in my ward (my eternal calling)
42- Played Turkey Bowling (our first ward activity)
43- Went to a Mimi Knowles concert
44- Went Four Wheeling
45- Went Jet Skiing
46- Visited Allyson & Rich in Texas (first time to Texas outside of the airport)
47- Explored New Orleans for the first time
48- Went Laser Tagging
49- The ENTIRE family was together for Thanksgiving (which I always love)
50- I bought a new car!!! (I LOVE it)
51- Went Shooting
52- Threw the most amazing Polar Express Christmas party
53- I turned 32.... Yikes!
54- Saw lots and lots of Christmas lights including at Temple Square & Salem Pond
55- Went to a BYU Basketball game with my good friend Wes (who I hadn't seen in a couple years)
56- Went on a ton of dates... good and bad
57- Went to a Jazz game(my 3rd one... had awesome seats)
58- Made some new crafts
59- Went snowshoeing (3 different places this Winter)
60- Had Fort week (5th annual &  3rd biannual)
61- Attended my first Sundance Film Festival (Finally)
62- Started a new tradition of taking my nieces and nephews out for their birthday (Reanne is the 1st)
63- 2nd Yurt trip (This time with a bigger and more fun group in a new location - Logan)
64- Tomas got baptized! (My sister-in-law's brother... my brother baptized him)
65- Celebrated my 6th year anniversary at Novell!
66- Went to the piano bar a couple more times (to see my neighbor play)
67- Moved to the 8th Floor at work
68- Got a private concert of Flannel Graph at the BYU Radio Studio (because of my new BFF Stacey who is in Studio C)
69- Put on an AMAZING Hungry Hungry Hippo Activity!!!
70- My blog has 75 Followers and has been viewed 176,323 times

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jamie hixon said...

That is a LOT of awesome stuff there, Tracy. And good for you for keeping up with blogging. It has been hard for me lately. :)