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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 262

It's getting warmer. Springtime! I'm so excited! Today on my lunch break I took a nap in my car and it felt so great. I should have gone to the gym though. I really need to get better at that. I really miss Lauren at work for a lot of reasons... but one of the biggest reasons is because she always got me to go to the gym with her. I tried to get Sarah to be my new Lauren... but she just isn't. I wish I was super motivated on my own, but I'm just not. I'm working on it though. I went a couple of times this week... so that was good. Plus I have been really good with my diet too. So here's to looking at the positive.

You know what else I'm excited about? I'm finally getting my butt out to Santa Barbara next month to meet my newest little niece when she comes. Also it's just been way too long since I have gone home and I have been wanting to go. The best part is that I was going to go one weekend... but it was busy for my sister, so I changed it to the last weekend my mom will be there.... so I am just going to get a one way ticket there and drive back with my mom and when I looked for tickets, I was going to fly into Santa Barbara Tuesday night for over $200 just for a one way. But then instead I'm flying the next morning for $87. Yep! I'm really ok with that. I love finding amazing deals on plane tickets... and I'm excited to spend time with Lori and her family and I am excited to be home in Santa Barbara again.

So we have started a weekend tradition. We go to Sodalicious and get a soda while we listen to Ignition Remix by R Kelly. We are pretty fond of our new weekend tradition and more and more people are wanting in on it. I'm happy to have a group of friends. I have been having a lot of fun with Stacey lately. He came over Friday night and we hung out and were laughing about this and that until 3am. He said he would make a music video with me and he taught me the Little Einstein dance that has been going around. That guy is a lot of fun.

Saturday we watched "Big Hero 6" for the first time. I don't know why it took me so long to watch it. I LOVED it. So funny. I laughed throughout the entire movie and I maybe cried twice. I loved it so much that I watched it again the next day. I'm going to own it for sure.

Speaking of shows... I finished Lipstick Jungle and I started "Doctor Who" finally. I am pretty much done with the first season and so far.... I don't like it and I don't understand why so many people do. I'm hoping that it gets better during the 2nd season... or else I don't know if I can keep watching it. I also found another show on Netflix and MacKenzie and I have been watching tonight called "666 Park Avenue" it only made it one season and it's a scary one... but so far we have watched 5 episodes and we are pretty into it. So many shows to explore.

Our Internet has been SOOOOOO terrible. It is getting so irritating. I was so excited for Google Fiber and now I just hate them. We are thinking we just need to get something else since it has been almost a year since we signed up for Google Fiber and still haven't gotten it and have no idea when we ever will. So frustrating.

I have been chatting more with my new BFF Morgan from "The Travel Bug". He is pretty fun to talk to. I don't think that is just because I have a crush on him either. He leads a very exciting life and he is so nice... just makes him a fun pen pal.

I am always looking for new music. Well... I have my new band that I am excited about. They are called Flannel Graph and they speak to me. I got a private little concert from them tonight in the BYU Radio recording studio... but I will write more about that later.

Speaking of music. I'm also excited for Josh Groban's new CD coming out because he is covering some of his Broadway favorites and I saw the list... and some of them are my favorites too. The new album is called "Stages" and you can only buy two songs for now... the rest you will have to wait until the album is officially released on April 28th. I'm excited. I heart him. Always have.

This week I got a call from my dentist telling me that I had a credit with them. I'm not sure why. I never pay anything to them... my insurance takes care of my cleaning and I haven't had any extra work beyond that for a while... so where that credit came from, I'm not sure. Either way I just said whatever... but yesterday I got a check in the mail for $260. Not going to complain about that. It will go towards bills no matter how bad I want to take it and go shopping. I'm always happy for extra money to show up though.

I have also been looking more into my upcoming trip. Looking into different activities we can do and the places we should go in our time there. I am getting SO excited for this trip. So much so that I am putting together a google presentation of my proposed plan for the trip. It's not my style... but Ian wanted us to come up with a plan, so I always say go big or go home... so I'm making the presentation. It's getting me excited.

I guess that is about it for this week. Nothing over the top exciting... but a good week that kept me busy enough that I wasn't bored. :) And I'm not sick... so I always appreciate that as well.


William said...

I'm excited for you to come "home" and visit too!! Glad you found such an awesome deal :) Love you!

jamie hixon said...

Ok, that first part about trying "to get Sarah to be your new Lauren but she just isn't" made me laugh out loud.

I'm glad you are getting out to SB, I was so sad to only be there for a few days. But it restores my soul. And you will love Big Sur!

We saw Big Hero 6 and when the Baymax (sp?) sacrificed himself Gwen just burst into tears and needed me to hug her for the rest of the movie. She was so happy that the program brought him back.

Doctor Who first season? You should have started with the beginning of Matt Smith and then gone back. I hate Rose (the companion). Things get MUCH better.