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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Food and Care

Friday I was invited to go to charity event called Food and Care  put on by the Provo Soup Kitchen.

You show up at the soup kitchen... outside they had TONS of ceramic bowls made by children to professional artists. You pick out a bowl. By the bowl which start at $5 and up.

While you are shopping for a bowl and eating, they had an old person band playing songs like a 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon and a song about yo yo ma.

After you buy the bowl, they wash it for you.

Then they fill it up with soup (you choose between 3 different kinds) and a roll.

You end up giving to a good cause, and in the end you get a meal and a cool bowl. Pretty cool even huh? I had never heard of it before, but we were all glad that we went. We had a good time.

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jamie hixon said...

That is pretty cool. I wonder if they have anything like that around here?