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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Tinder Moments

Tinder has brought me a lot of entertainment over the months. Out of my almost 600 matches... I have only met a handful of them, but even when I'm not meeting people... I'm still entertained. Sometimes disgusted ... like when I see profiles like this... which has happened more than this once. I see it occasionally and it makes me sad.

Then there are some where you are like... wow, well, at least you are honest and straight to the point. Not trying to trick any innocent girl into thinking you are not a D Bag when you actually are... you are just up front about it.

Then there is food. I don't know who started this trend, but it's kind of funny. I think I first matched with Brownie, then Grilled Cheese. Most recently... homemade bread.

Then there are my favorites... the characters. Whenever I come across these, I love swiping right because I can't wait to match with them to see what they will say to me. I think I have shown Prince Charming on here and how he asked me if I was his Tinderella. I'm sure he has a script that he says to all of the girls he talks to, but I still enjoyed it. The ones that carry on a conversation and say things that are personal to your pictures... they are funny. I had an entertaining conversation with Gaston a while back about how he wanted to marry me and have 12 lads that he would teach them all to hunt with him... etc... More recently I have matched with Ken Doll

Also Bilbo... although I was pretty sad Bilbo didn't say anything to me. We could have had great conversation of adventures.

But probably the funniest conversation I had with a character was.... Jafar. Why guys are making up profiles of villains, I don't know. But I would love to meet these guys. Most of them seem pretty witty.

Keep in mind, that the way Tinder works, is that you have to have a Facebook profile in order to sign up. Therefore, these guys are setting up and making up these fake accounts of characters just so they can use it for Tinder. You would think one would have better things to do with their time, but they must be just as entertained by it or else they wouldn't do it. I have talked to some guys on Tinder and they said that girls get the better end on Tinder... girls don't make up funny profiles to chat with guys on Tinder. Maybe I should be the first. Either way, I sure get a kick out of it. Oh Tinder.


jamie hixon said...

That is the best!! Not the first two guys... ew ew ew. People are the worst. But also people are the BEST because that Jafar stuff was hilarious.

Side note: maybe the hobbit didn't talk to you because he was offended that you called him Frodo. That is Bilbo. Bilbo Baggins, the bravest hobbit of them all.

Tracy Mills said...

Ha ha... opps! I meant Bilbo! I didn't call him anything. I wrote him and said let's go on an adventure, but he didn't write anything back.

Lynette Mills said...

Humor is the best remedy for everything!