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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Hungry Hungry Hippos... I Mean Humans

Thursday, Ian and I put on another ward activity. This video of people playing real life Hungry Hungry Hippos has been going around and it's catching on and more and more people are doing it... including us. So glad we did, it is SO much fun. Everyone that came had a BLAST! Stacey and I took lots of video's of the event and I had a fun time putting together this video of the activity. If this video doesn't make you want to play, I don't know what would.

Allison and I started the night before blowing up balloons since we knew we had SO many to blow up. The trick after that was figuring out how to get all of the blown up balloons to the church. It filled up my entire car and I couldn't see anything!

Here is the Activities committee that helped put it on.

After everyone was done playing....

My Calling is a lot of work, but it sure is fun too.

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jamie hixon said...

That seriously looks like so much fun. Our ward's YM YW did it too- I think there were injuries. You should have taken a picture of your balloon-filled car. Ha.