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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 264

It's been a good week. No reason in particular, but I guess I have just been enjoying the great weather and the beautiful flowers.

I have also stayed consistent with running after work... even when MacKenzie doesn't go with me (which I am very proud of myself for). We went Friday, then I went again on my own Monday, Wednesday and today by myself. I think we will go again tomorrow. So the 3 miles is getting easier. Maybe one of these days I will have to change up the route and make it longer? Mmm.... Do I want to run longer than 3 miles? I'm not sure.

I'm not sure what I have been watching. I watched another season of Dr. Who and I still feel the same about it. I took a break from it to watch half of the last season of Mad Men since that is now on Netflix. I also have been watching Repeat After Me with my roommates which is pretty funny. I think it's a new show. I have also watched a couple of movies. One of them was Saints and Soldiers: The Void. Why? Only because I found out that my friend Stacey is in it along with his roommate who is also in my ward, Matt. Matt has been a little harder to get to know because he is so quiet and reserved, but he is super nice. Anyway... they are both from Studio C and they are both in that movie (which was super slow and boring) but Matt was a main character and did a great job. Stacey had a very small role, but also did a great job. Pretty cool to be able to say that you are in a movie. It's on Netflix for anyone to see.

Work has been very frustrating. It is getting busier because we are getting close to quarter end. Paula has been out all of this week for her daughters wedding which is fine and I knew about that. However, the other one... Sarah... I just never know if she is actually going to come into work or not. I feel like she is not at work more than she is at work... or if she does come in, she is super late. I have been lectured so many times with coming in 15 or 20 minutes late and she gets away with this behavior because she is family friends with our boss. It really irritates me. I know she has health issues... but she could still be working. I feel like she is young and immature and has never had a real job before and is not taking this job seriously. The longer this goes on, the more frustrated I become. This week has been extra stressful because Paula has been gone... and so has Sarah. So far she came in one day and then 3 hours today. One of the days she text me before work and told me if I needed her to come in, she would.... but if not... she was going to go ahead and stay home. So... obviously she could work. She just doesn't feel like it. I couldn't imagine treating my job that way. I even go into work if I am sick. Unless I literally can't get out of bed or if I'm throwing up... that is the only time I don't go in. She makes up excuses about how she is more sick because her roommates kept her up late so she didn't get as much sleep as she needed... or she gets sick from eating gluten or sugar... but she eats them anyway and then gets sick. But whenever I see her, she seems fine... and she is telling me about some boy she made out with. Oh... and her cruise coming up. I'm sure she will be just fine for that. It just makes me mad when people can get away with that kind of behavior and then I am stuck covering their work having no idea if they are actually going to show up for work or not. Today was one of those days. I was covering everything and it started to get overwhelming. I can do it... I can handle it, it's just a little more stressful and I don't get breaks.  Venting session over.

I went to the temple on Tuesday straight after work. It had been a long time since I had been. It was nice to go back. Felt good to be there. I thought by going straight there from work that I would beat the rush, but that was totally false thinking. When I got there it was SUPER crowded. It's ok though... I was in no rush to leave the temple. I liked being there for a while since it had been a while. I guess it was the last week for all the temple workers that will be switching to the Payson temple which is why it was a little crazy? I don't know. I'm glad I went though.

I went to Institute last night. I try and go when Jed is teaching to support him. Also he is a really great teacher. This week the lesson was on marriage... which I thought would be interesting to hear him teach it. It involved a lot of humor. They always are... but this one especially. You could tell it was not something he wanted to teach on. He is great though. I also think he appreciates me coming to support him.

We have kept the tradition of sodalicious with friends on the weekend. We quite like our tradition. MacKenzie and I also saw Insurgent on Friday with Ian. Well... Ian showed up eventually. Mind you, going to the movie was his idea... he just met us there and didn't show up until we were 10 minutes into the movie (not the previews... the movie) ... what's the point of going together if you really are not going together. MacKenzie and I snuck in our Sodalicious into the theater. Such a good idea. We all really liked the movie, but that was no surprise to me. I liked the first one, so I figured I would like the second as well. After that I hung out with Stacey and Matt's puppy until 3am. We are both such night owls... it can be bad.

Speaking of Stacey. He tagged me in an instagram photo this week... some artsy shot in my car when we were driving to sodalicious one time. I had no idea he took it, and you can't even tell it's me (which is fine) but because he tagged me in it... and he is so popular with like thousands of followers, I had all of these teenage girls looking at my Instagram and liking random photo's of mine that night. It was weird. Now my car is famous though. Ha ha... not really. Someone complimented my dreamcatcher in his comments. Man... I know all of these YouTube celebrities around here.... I don't think I would be able to even handle being famous on a small scale. Stacey ALWAYS get's stopped wherever we go. If I ever did though... I hope that I would handle it as well as he does. Anyway... that's my week.


Anonymous said...

Matt as in Matt Meese? I would've thought he was much more an extrovert than an introvert?

jamie hixon said...

That is a cool picture. I had strangers looking at my instagram today too because Gwen took that picture with James from Studio C. They have some HARD CORE followers!! People were wearing t shirts and had autographed CDs and everything! Who'd a guessed.

For some reason the fact that Matt and Stacey live together in your ward boundaries strikes me as... funny? I don't know. It is a thing that made me go "hmmm." Maybe I forget that people are people.

I think the Divergent movies are better than the books. Totally weird and unusual for me.

Sorry about work. I'm convinced that some people go through life without ever needing to be adults. They are so lucky, but I would be ashamed to be them.