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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 261

I'm finally feeling better. I hate being sick. It was just a week... but it seemed like forever. I just kept myself at home and went to bed early every night and took a lot of Nyquil. Glad it's over... hopefully I don't have to go through it again until next Winter.

Our Internet has been out. Not sure why... we share with the neighbors. If only we had Google Fiber which we signed up for 8 months ago. Still no signs of getting it set up anytime soon. It's pretty annoying. Especially when I see their van's around the neighborhood. Ugh. Last night, since our Internet wasn't working, MacKenzie played a Podcast from her phone of Canadians sharing their journal entry's from when they were younger or other things they had written. She is Canadian... so that is how she got started on that. We also listened to a little bit of the Mortified Podcast. They are so so funny. I had watched the Mortified Netflix Documentary and I thought that was funny. It always makes me want to go through and read my old journals... but I just feel like I didn't really say anything that interesting or funny in mine. Maybe I will have to dig, but we thought it would be fun to put on an event for our area of our friends reading stuff they wrote when they were kids. I wonder if people would be up for sharing and would be interested in coming. Guess I will have to try it out and see. It felt like we were living in the old days... listening to the radio for stories to be entertained. TV was off... we were both just sitting on the couch. I was just lying there and MacKenzie was doing homework... but we were both laughing all night. They were great. Maybe I should start getting into podcasts instead of Netflix shows.... or both. 

Speaking of Netflix shows....  After watching Travel Bug, I decided to watch FireFly. I actually liked that more than I thought I would. That only took me a couple of days, so now I am on to Lipstick Jungle. Which kind of reminds me of Gossip Girl except with older age women. I think I MAYBE will be ready to commit to Doctor Who after this. This one is only a couple of season's... so I will probably be done with it by tomorrow. 

Speaking of the Travel Bug. Morgan, the cute host of the travel bug and I have still been writing. I mean... it's not everyday, but it's been fun. He seems like a super sweet guy. He gave me some travel advice and sent me some links and we chatted about when he came to Utah and went to Bryce Canyon. It's been fun.

I went on another couple of dates this week. One with the guy that saw the yurt pictures. We went to eat somewhere that I had never been before that was super good and we actually had a great time chatting and want to hang out again. The other guy was just a guy from Tinder. Also really fun time chatting. Most of my dates have been really great lately... just nothing really clicking. Or we do and they are not members of the church... so then we both have the question in the back of our heads on if we want to even go there. I will just keep enjoying the dates as long as they last though. 

This week I was contacted by Adobe on LinkedIn. This is the first time that I have been contacted on LinkedIn besides people just wanting to connect with me. These people wanted to interview me for a job. I wasn't sure if I was quite qualified for the position they wanted me for, but I did a phone interview anyway. I don't know if or when I will hear back but either way I felt honored that they contacted me and considered me for the job based on my LinkedIn Profile that I have not really cared to update or even fill out all of the way. Made me feel pretty legit.

This last weekend was another fun friend weekend. Friday a bunch of us that have been hanging out in the ward lately all got together and went to Sodalicious and hung out. We had a blast. That is actually the first time I met the guy that my friend wanted to set me up with. I was still sick and looked like crap and he comes up to me and smiles at me and tells me he had heard so much about me. I was so caught off guard and a little embarrassed of myself. I was sick though, so I guess that was my excuse. We both didn't really make a special effort to try and be by each other and get to know each other that night... so it was a little awkward, but we ended up going out, so I guess it all works out. We all stayed up until like 1am that night just hanging out and chatting. The more I get to know Stacey, the more great I think he is. He was telling us this Ghost story he made up of the abandoned jail that is by my house that I went to years ago with James. He used to give tours and people would totally believe his story. I think that is hilarious. Then on the way home he made me drive by this old shack and roll down the windows and turn off the lights so we felt exposed and scared. Ha ha... the things we do on the weekend as older single folks. Anyway. It is nice to have a group of friends again. Real nice. Dates, friends.. it's nice. I felt like it took me a while to get that again after dating someone for a while. 

I guess that's it. I am back strict on the diet. I have 2 months before my trip where I am going to be in a bathing suit 90% of my trip... so I would like to look good/ feel good in a bathing suit. So that is the motivation and the goal of my dieting... now that I am feeling better, I need to get back into exercising as well. Wish me luck! I need it. Not sure why this part of my life is so hard for me. I wish I loved exercising SO much and I wish that I wasn't tempted by treats and eating out. Alas... I am. It's going to be my life struggle. I have to say though that even though I have gained some of my weight back that I lost... overall I have done a pretty good job of keeping it off for the past year and a half. 


Liz Bailey said...

sounds like fun stuff recently!! :) I love reading your blog!

jamie hixon said...

I liked Firefly too. And I've never seen travel bug, so I had to look up this Morgan guy. Maybe I'll read about it soon, but how did you even first get in contact with him?

I'm glad you have been having good dates. And every time you mention Stacey I literally just think of this greek gods skit studio c did where he is at the end saying "I am Morgan Freeman"

Dan loves podcasts. We sometimes listen to one called "total party kill" where a bunch of people just play D&D with 12 sided dice and everything. I want to start a podcast.