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Monday, March 9, 2015

Ready for Summer Hair

I love my friend Nicole. She is not only so fun, but she is an amazing hair stylist. Sometimes I go in for my appointment with an idea of what I want done with my hair.... most of the time though, I just let her do her thing. She is the hair stylist... so I figure she knows the trends with hair and what is trendy and what would look good on me. So I always just let her do whatever she wants.

When I went in today, she told me she had been thinking about me a lot today and what she wanted to do and she really wanted to brighten me up and knew exactly how she wanted to do it. So I told her to go ahead and do her thing. I trust her 100%.

We had fun catching up... and by the time she was done with my hair... she loved the way it turned out so much that she wants to do it too and wanted to take pictures of it that went on their salon Facebook page. I'm happy with it too... but I'm happy with whatever she does. I ALWAYS get compliments on my hair... even from strangers wanting the look or colors I have with my hair.

Thanks Nicole for always keeping my hair trendy and fabulous.

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jamie hixon said...

It looks awesome, very Instagramable. :) She does a great job!