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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Birthday Sushi with Kyle

As I have gotten older, I have less friends that I hang out with on the regular and I have given up trying to make fun things happen for my birthday... even though that is still what I really want to do. Last year it was nice because I was in Brazil with Stacey, so I didn't really worry about my birthday, but Stacey made it really awesome for me. This year... I didn't tell anyone and I didn't plan anything and this way when people didn't remember and nobody planned anything... I wouldn't be disappointed. Plus... I don't really want to get older at this point anyway. Ha ha.

Usually I hate when my birthday falls on a Sunday because I don't really get to celebrate in a fun way with my friends. Since I wasn't celebrating with my friends, I was actually thankful my birthday fell on a Sunday because I would be hanging out with my family anyway and I knew they would do something for my birthday.

Anyway... back in June, I was out exploring the mountains with my friend Kyle. He was talking about wanting to plan something to celebrate his birthday. He talked about it being hard to plan stuff because his birthday is on the 4th of July. I told him I felt his pain... because mine is a week before Christmas so nobody is ever around for my birthday either. Apparently after that conversation, he went home and put my birthday on his calendar. How sweet is that. He made it a point to remember. So tonight, he asked me how we were going to celebrate. I told him I didn't have any plans... so he told me he was taking me to get Sushi. After I went with him to help babysit his friends baby.

It was pretty low key, but it was so nice and thoughtful for him to make the effort to put my birthday in his calendar and make sure that we celebrated. It was nice to have someone not only remember, but go out of their way to make time for me and do something nice for me too. Makes you feel special... especially when you made the decision not to tell anyone it was your birthday and not to make any plans. Thanks Kyle for being so thoughtful and spending part of my birthday with me. You are such a great friend. I had no idea I would be gaining such a good friend when we met being stuck together as Lost Boys in the Peter Pan scene of the Shake it off Disney Style music video a year and a half ago. It pays to put yourself out there and do new things even when you don't know anyone. You never know when you will make great new friends... like Kyle.

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